New Owner, New Chef for Jack the Horse Space

Our friends at the Brooklyn Heights Association have advised us that Chef Sean Rembold will be taking charge of the kitchen at the former Jack the Horse Tavern, at Hicks and Cranberry streets. Chef Rembold has twice been nominated for the James Beard Foundation award as best New York City chef. From his website:

Originally a Kentucky native, Sean moved to New York City to attend the French Culinary Institute. After cooking in the kitchens of Campagna, Osteria del Circo, and Bayard’s, Sean found his personal and professional fit in Williamsburg, the neighborhood he has called home since 1999. He lives there with his wife, designer Caron Callahan, and their daughter.

Despite his fondness for Williamsburg, the BHA website says:

Sean loves Brooklyn Heights and reached out to the BHA a few months ago about helping him find a suitable location. Of course, we were glad to help! We’ll keep you informed as plans move forward.

We checked out the websites of the three Williamsburg restaurants at which he served as chef. One, Reynard, no longer exists. Marlow and Sons (follow the Instagram link below the “Order Online” link) and Diner, have menus that look interesting, though a notch more expensive than JTH’s.

The menus at whatever the name JTH gets under its new ownership may be quite different, as may the prices. We hope that the menu will in some way reflect the spirit of the JTH menu – dare we hope that the mac & cheese appetizer will be revived? – and that the prices will be within reach of most Heights residents; not just the most affluent ones.

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  • HgtsShpr

    As a celiac, the gluten-free buckwheat pancakes at JTH’s Sunday brunch were a lifesaver, but already a little out of my everyday price range. I’ll be curious to see what brunch options come with the new chef/owner.

  • Michael Rock

    I believe he is the owner. He left Tarkow in 2017.

  • SongBirdNYC

    My friend Dan Pashman wrote a book, Eat, More, Better. The Jack the Horse mac & cheese recipe is in there. Worth a read. The book is hysterical.

  • Pierrepont

    From Dan Pashman’s book, I made the JtH mac’n’cheese last year and while it is a fair amount of work, it is so so so worth the effort!

  • Jorale-man

    They ought to apply for a sidewalk seating permit, at least for while the pandemic continues.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks. I learned about his leaving Tarlow a while ago when I did a web search, and have edited the post accordingly.

  • greenfield

    Photo of the chef holding keys in the front door:

  • Flapjack

    Seems to imply that you’re criticizing his experience, even though Reynard was very well-reviewed—and its ridiculous to describe Marlow and Sons as “only wine and ore-made snacks.” I’m guessing this writer knows very little about current Brooklyn dining.

  • Claude Scales

    I didn’t mean to criticize his experience at all; i think it’s quite impressive. Reynard did close some time ago, and its space is now occupied by a different restaurant. I doubt this had anything to do with Chef Rembold. My observation about Marlow & Sons was based on their website which, if you follow the “Order Online” link (there is no other menu link) gets you this:

  • Eddyde

    I don’t see anything coming off as criticism. The Marlow and Sons menu only shows wine and pre made snacks. Perhaps it is you who is behind the times on Brooklyn dining.

  • Claude Scales

    Actually’ I didn’t realize that I should have clicked on the little circled plus sign, which takes me to more complete information and menus. I’m changing my post accordingly.