Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar Reopens!

Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar reopened today after a hiatus during the frigid months. Early in the evening, the sun was shining and sidewalk seats were bustling. Inside, a few tables were occupied by patrons who all happened to be silver foxes with their silver-locked dates. Fully vaxxed life is good!

Wine Bar 1

The Wine Bar’s hours will be Tuesday to Friday – 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday – noon to midnight.

Meanwhile, a few doors down, Cardinal Mkt has raised the white flag, undone by an unfortunate March 2020 open date which was delayed to the summer. Cardinal Mkt opened for a few months, then abruptly closed as the cold weather set in. Sad news as the food was quite good and the storefront attractive.

What would you like to see in its place? Comment away!

Cardinal Mkt



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  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Gave it a try, … and there are a few things to like. BUT –

    It is a VERY limited menu. Always has been, but they re-launched without a couple of old favorites, and there are some dubious choices – one of which we tried – on there.

    The servers are VERY green but pleasant, attentive, etc. Time is likely to cure this bit of awkwardness.

    It’s pretty clear that the owner – now “sole” (previously, there was at least co-operation with the folks next door, the operators of Cranberry’s) – gives the WB only a small part of his attention…. Last, people had predicted that restaurant prices might go up to “make up” lost income. In general, I’d say that’s not been obvious – maybe, they’re doing SO WELL now that they don’t want to rock the boat. But the WB *has* upped the tab to a dubious level.

    I plan to re-visit – it’s convenient – in a couple of months. If anybody who reads this blog is on the South Side of Montague and hasn’t kept up, Henry St. north of Orange now rivals much of Atlantic Ave & Smith St for “bustle.”