PSA: City-Run Vaccination Sites Now Accepting Walk-ins – No Appointments Necessary!

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning that the vaccination sites operated by the city will now accept walk-ins  of all ages 16 and over. You can find the list of vaccination sites here. Spread the word! Here in the 11201 zip code, we are at 71% of residents over 18 with at least 1 dose and 44% fully vaccinated — that’s well above the percentage Brooklyn-wide (45% 1st dose) and city-wide (50% 1st dose). If you are in that 29% that have not received their first dose, what are you waiting for, walk on over to the City Point/Albee Square location and get it today!

Note: The NY State-run sites (Javits, Medgar Evers, etc) right now only accept walk-ins if your age is 60 or older, though that may change if Governor Cuomo feels he’s being upstaged and/or he’s caught in another bombshell scandal.

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