Sneak Peak at New Restaurant at Old Henry’s End Space

According to what looks to be a live but work-in-progress website, Cardinal Mkt is coming soon to 44 Henry St. and will be serving “modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season.”  The menu, which might not be permanent, features entrees such as crab ravioli, wood-fired sea bream, fried quail, and lamb stew. Desserts will include meyer lemon tarts with yogurt and kishu mandarin drizzle, and moscato puffs with raspberry cream and hibiscus drizzle.

According to a job posting for an executive chef:

Cardinal Mkt will be opening in March of 2020. We are a brand-new Chef Driven Market in Brooklyn Heights, owned by Chef Bruce Lefebvre of The Frog and The Peach. Cardinal Mkt will feature healthy, locally sourced ingredients in platters and made to order dishes, created by passionate, professional chefs with an emphasis on takeout and limited service in-house dining. We will be open for Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour and Dinner, and have a full liquor license. We are currently seeking an Executive Chef to run the market on a daily basis.


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  • AEB

    “Chef driven…healthy, locally sourced ingredients…created by passionate professional chefs….” In short, no one quite knows what’s happening. Perhaps the as-yet-to-be hired executive chef will help figure it all out.

    But good for the nabe, (I think.)

  • Cranberry Beret

    Isn’t this just Busy Chef all over again?

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Don’t confuse a mission statement probably lifted from some very successful Calif. restaurant with how things will actually play out.

    People used to talk about the current Bevaqua space as being jinxed. The reality is that getting a new restaurant up & running successfully is almost as dicey as trying to make a movie if Netflix isn’t a possible buyer. I know they say people will always “go OUT to the movies” and OUT for an occasional meal, but even in these “good times,” high rents and at least 3 alternatives to eating/dining that didn’t really exist 10 years ago make anybody’s “first restaurant” almost bound to fail in a year or 2.

    Face it – the recent contest PROVES IT – BH is over-restauranted. In that we have a grayer population than most neighborhoods, the prospects for ANY new restaurant have never been bleaker.

  • Andrew Porter

    But without the customer credit card theft?

  • Reggie

    Wasn’t that (in the end) the defining feature?

  • AEB

    My point, I think, is that if one is going to so scrupulously reproduce all the tired clichés and buzzphrases of the contemporary restaurant biz–well, that makes your proect seem not particularly thought-through, right? Yes, I know there’ll come a time when the rubber will hit the road, but….

  • SongBirdNYC

    Frog and the Peach is a staple in New Brunswick. It’s been there for DECADES! The food was always excellent. I’ve had several nice dinners there with my Mom or drinks and apps with my friends to celebrate special occasions when I attended Rutgers 100 years ago.

  • Bruce Lefebvre

    Thanks SongBird! We really want to offer something unique, useful and something that BH wants. Suggestions are more than welcome, solicited in fact. See you soon!—-Chef Bruce

  • Reggie

    I was responding to Andrew but to your original point, I getcha. A few years back, there was a website that would randomly generate oh-so-au courant menu items like free-range kale ceviche. It was pretty hilarious.

  • narrator

    Hello Chef Bruce,

    Good luck! I love the idea of a refined menu that is focused on take out. With a growing trend of ghost kitchens and the aging and family oriented makeup of our neighborhood, this seems to be a progressive idea. Poppy’s in Cobble Hill is doing well with a similar business model, though more focused on catering.

  • narrator

    The real crux is too many restaurants that have a poor menu and no vision. Coupled with a demographic that does not support a more robust dining “scene”, as you accurately mentioned.