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  • StudioBrooklyn

    Those who know me know that I loathe confrontation. I don’t even mention people’s questionable mask-wearing habits to them, and not only because I’m too timid, but also because there are about a million reasons someone might not be wearing their mask properly at a given time.

    But I draw the line at Nazis. Nazis must be confronted. They cannot be allowed to think it’s okay for them to just coexist with everyone they think inferior and want to kill. Why don’t you get that?

  • Eddyde

    ^^Don’t feed the troll. This is exactly what JS wants, people arguing about him, inciting confrontations, etc. All you are doing is giving him a stage. Let’s close the curtain on this clown.

  • Jefrey Smith

    I just got back from a (too short) Christmas holiday and I find THIS….?
    Ye Gods….
    First of all, if I have a radical side its Monarchy. But yes,, I generally reject the social changes since say,, 1965. Just like hundreds of people in the Heights I have spoken to over the years.. (why do you think they LIVE in the Heights?) Its just that I am open and honest about it and most people seeing how have become in our “free country” have decided to be quiet and now have begun to self censor. Meanwhile, seeing what they have recently gotten away with, even former moderate liberals have gotten drunk on recent events and have decided they car first doxx and then apply other social pressures and finally assault or kill “fascists” I hope but do not suggest you keep it up. You’re very near critical mass darlings. Guess what happens next…..

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I am certainly not “a troll” I do NOT post to cause upheavals of comments or seeking attention. I post either direct comments or at times wry humor. But always with the serious purpose of asking Americans to consider what is occurring at the time of the post or what has occurred. This to cause concern what the effects of what is happening to our country. I will take the time to post in the hope of making people think of the importance of the effects which. Will certainly engulf our precious republic USA.