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  • Michael Rock

    Anybody know which restaurants will be open for delivery on Christmas Day?

  • meschwar

    I can tell you that, historically, I have been ordering Lichee Nut for a few years on Xmas or Xmas eve. As is tradition for us Jews. I think Curry Heights is usually open as well. Generally Asian restaurants are open.

  • Mary Kim

    You’re right, including Fortune House and Kogane Ramen. Just confirmed with them on the phone.

  • Michael Rock


  • Andrew Porter

    Joralemon Street looking toward Court Street on Sept. 15, 1904. The trees at left were a park which was taken by NYC when they constructed the Municipal Building, decades later (and see other side of Joralemon in photo below):

  • Andrew Porter
  • Standish Matt D

    Thank you!

  • Jorale-man

    So much nicer looking then…

  • Jeffrey Smith

    There’s a great comment I could make here, and boy would it be deserved. But this being Christmas I’ll just leave it unsaid.

  • gc

    National Geographic’s new research ship OceanXplorer is docked at BBP Marina. Pretty impressive!

  • Jorale-man

    Now that Christmas is over, what’s the comment we’re being so coy about?

  • meschwar

    I bet it’s something antisemetic!

  • J. Yuletide Smith

    You know, that’s TRUE. Both of these view are somehow so Much more attractive and “right” looking than today. But Hmmmm- well, the buildings are almost completely the same and the city is populated but…still somehow the city’s atmosphere seems SO much more agreeable and sane. So there are streets, people and buildings but SOMEHOW SOME THING is different….its almost that the people are in some way different….well I’ll think of the answer after a while, this cream color egg nog i’m sipping just now may give me some ideas….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    You know what? Nazis don’t get to feel comfortable living in cities in 2021.

  • Jorale-man

    I’m seeing the difference in terms of the street lamps, the presence of the park at left, and the ivy on the rear of Borough Hall – aesthetic touches that brought a certain beauty. Then again, the constant horse manure in the street was probably none too pleasant.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hey everyone, this is what Jeff Smith looks like. He lives on Monroe Place and he is a Nazi. You can see him walking around the neighborhood, mostly between his block and Key Food, in Trump regalia. In 2021, let’s start greeting him when we see him, let him know we know who he is and how welcome he should feel.

    Any other Nazis we should add to the list?

  • j

    Studio, you’ve officially gone to far. No matter how incendiary Jeff’s posts are, they are just posts on a blog. You went from zero to Nazi in the blink of an eye and then tell people to confront him? And you’re making a list? That’s not how things are done in our country. People are entitled to their opinions no matter how abhorrent we find them. And since this is an open blog, he can post them whenever he wants. As disgusting as his views are, you have matched him with your rabid response.

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh snap, he even has a bunker!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I didn’t go from zero to anything. Jeff’s been a Nazi for as long as anyone around here can remember.

    It looks like we disagree about whether being a Nazi is just a set of opinions “people are entitled” to, like a favorite ice cream flavor.

    “That’s not how things are done in our country” you say.

    Yes it is. The United States literally went to war over this.

    I’m done tolerating Nazis. How about you?

  • j

    You seem to forget the whole world domination and killing people part. That’s what we went to war over.

    In this country, as long as you’re not breaking the law you can think whatever you want. No one has to listen or give credence to these opinions, but you’re still allowed to have them.

  • meschwar

    There was a pretty clear implication in Jeff’s post that things were better when only white people lived. That’s close enough to nazi for me.

  • j

    It doesn’t matter how you label him. The issue is that Studio posted a photograph of this man along with where he lives and called on other blog readers to intimidate him and those in the neighborhood who share his views. How would Studio, or any of us, feel if someone shared our personal information with the intent to turn the neighborhood against us?

  • CassieVonMontague

    “How dare someone not tolerate my intolerance!”

  • j

    You just don’t get it. This isn’t about arguments on the blog. This about posting someone’s personal information and encouraging others to confront him IRL. Cassie, you don’t use your photo on this blog. How would you feel if Studio posted your photograph and told people to harass you on your way to the grocery store?

  • meschwar

    Dude’s never made any effort to disguise himself. He posts using his real name, and that picture came from a quick google search. She only posted his street, and we all live in the same neighborhood anyway.

  • j

    That is such a poor excuse. It’s ok to encourage people to harass him or anyone? You’d feel far differently if you we’re on the receiving end of this.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    This isn’t about “harassing” or “anyone”.

    It is 2021. There is a Nazi living in Brooklyn Heights and you’re saying he is “entitled to his opinions.” Is that the hill you want to die on?

  • j

    This isn’t about harassing? You actually said “let’s start greeting him when we see him, let him know how welcome he should feel.” That sounds like you’re advocating for people to approach him with hostility. Very neighborly of you.

    How about this… maybe people who find your postings to be obnoxious and sanctimonious begin to approach you and tell you how they feel. Because telling anyone what they should be thinking sounds pretty fascist. And I’m sure there are people who aren’t interested in having fascists in the neighborhood. If that sounds good to you, then maybe you should post your picture and address and invite people for spontaneous discussions.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Why do you think saying “Nazis go home” to Nazis is harassment? You think that resisting Nazism = fascism??

    “people who find your postings to be obnoxious and sanctimonious begin to approach you and tell you how they feel”

    Sure, sometimes I use a tone on here I shouldn’t—and I welcome the discourse from those who disagree with my opinions. But you think my opinions* are comparable to being a Nazi?

    This is exactly the kind of whataboutism and “fine people on both sides” that permits Nazis like Jeff Smith to still exist or be represented by American legislators.

    *Here is a brief list of my highly controversial opinions:

    -Nazis should not feel comfortable living in cities in 2021
    -Everyone should have access to basic healthcare, education, internet, food, and a home at no cost to themselves
    -Gaucho is the best Steely Dan album, even better than Aja
    -The arbitrary circumstances of a person’s birth, such as their nationality or what they look like, have nothing to do with their value as a human being, and in fact every human being is valuable (*except Nazis and other death cultists)

  • j

    Were you raised by wolves? It is not acceptable to incite in-person confrontations irrespective of differing opinions, no matter how despicable they may be. Thankfully, for all the current and future targets of your ire (and I’m sure the list is ever expanding), the level heads at Discus agree with me.