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  • Jane

    Hello. Lassen and Hennigs is expanding to Court St. Saw it as I was walking by and confirmed on the company’s website.

  • Robert Perris
  • CHatter

    The census response map is organized by Congressional District, not Community District. Just pointing that out so others didn’t get confused.

  • Slyone

    Both my kids went to MS8 (now MS915) and it was and continues to be (for my rising 8th grader) a positive experience. The years my son were there were years of significant leadership transition and that led to some volatility in terms of staff turnover, but it was still a very good fit for him — he got into the high schools he wanted and has seemed very well prepared for high school. He played on a good basketball team, was part of a small jazz band after school, got credit in high school for Algebra and Living Environment courses he took in 8th grade, and had plenty of time to hang out with friends from across District 13 (Brooklyn Heights to Bedford Stuyvesant and a few farther away in Brooklyn) — meaning both his and my goals for middle school were met! Since the split from PS8, and with more consistent leardership, there is less staff turnover, though all NYC public schools are dealing with different kinds of volatilty these days! Other than the Regents (for all 8th graders) courses, MS915 has a mostly progressive, project-based approach to learning.

    Other public schools that I have heard of PS8 students attending in decent (though much smaller) numbers have included Dock Street, Arts+Letters, some D15 schools (for families with residence there), and then charters including Brooklyn Prospect. In the last couple years, I’ve heard more talk of City School of the Arts (charter school in lower Manhattan). Historically, PS8 had a decent sized group go to Twain and a couple each year to ICE, but I think numbers being admitted to Twain since (I assume) more families started applying to Twain from D15 seem to have gone from low double digits (10-20) to single digits (4-7) in the past couple years.

    I hope families check out all the schools in District 13 — there is good leadership at a lot of places, and interesting programming.

  • Slyone

    A couple of years, it may have been that high — but these days there are many fewer seats available at the D13 location in Clnton Hill (because its downtown Brooklyn elementary school graduated kids into its middle school starting last year). This year the Windsor Terrace location that usually gives preference to D15 students got moved into a temporary swing space on Flatbush Avenue in D13 (the old Brooklyn Lab Charter School space — Lab moved into their bigger space this year) while Prospect finishes their new D15 building. That new building was supposed to be finished this year but got delayed — and bc temp location is in D13, priority went to D13 students instead of D15. Once Prospect moves into their new space in D15, those seats will again have priority for D15 students, not D13.

  • Robert Perris

    Actually, viewers can choose to have the map display in several different ways; by county, state legislative boundaries, etc. Re-read the first sentence in my original comment; I clearly state what administrative jurisdiction I was referring to.

  • CassieVonMontague

    I think they just changed the branding on Court Order, which they already owned.

  • Marlena Cooper

    Hi everyone! I saw this on the park slope parents. I think it’s a great way to promote our community. I signed up for the street in front of our building!

    Park slope parents:
    Okay Folks! We’ve got a job to take on! This is from awesome mom Katie Kerr who is spearheading this initiative! From Katie:

    I recently read about an effort called OneBlockUWS where neighbors pitch in and sign up to pick up trash on a block of their choosing 2x a week. I reached out to Jake who started it and he suggested we start our own chapter. The premise is simple -one person can make a difference OneBlock at a time. If you are seeing a little more garbage on the streets these days, let’s roll up our sleeves, chip in and be a part of the solution. The UWS group has even organized group meet ups to pick up trash together.
    Sign up here
    Here is a map of the blocks that are covered so far. Park Slope, Gowanus, and Prospect Heights are prime pickens!