Cobble Hill Association President Amy Breedlove Stepping Down

As reported by the Brooklyn Paper, the Cobble Hill Association’s president Amy Breedlove will be stepping down after two terms’ service, as required under the term limit provision of the Association’s charter. Her replacement has not yet been elected.

Ms. Breedlove is remembered by Brooklyn Heights residents for joining with us in opposition to the closure of Long Island College Hospital. Although that opposition was not entirely successful, she was able to bring the developers, the operators of the remaining medical facility, and representatives of the affected communities together to improve the community benefits flowing from the development plan.

She was also active in the discussion about options for the rehabilitation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, stressing the need to do something about the “trench” separating Cobble Hill from the Columbia Street District.In doing so, she raised questions about the whole renovation scheme, including the proposal to replace the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with a “temporary” six lane highway.

We at BHB express our thanks for Ms. Breedlove’s advocacy that has benefited Brooklyn Heights as well as Cobble Hill and other neighboring communities.

Photo: Cobble Hill Association

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