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  • Mike Suko

    Just want to give a “gold star” to Henry’s End re its hygiene during this (?) crisis. Maybe, it’s not as rare as I think, but single use pens to sign visa slips lower one’s concerns about bringing outside food home….

    Anyone up for an altogether unscientific poll?

    Staying LOCAL, how do you see yourself “behaving” 3 months out – and I’ll posit that there is no vaccine at that point?

    Will YOU dine out or raise a glass as frequently as you did, say, 12 months prior [last fall]? Would you be influenced by the seeming necessity of affected establishments to raise prices 30% to account for reduced “volume?” … What about clothes and books (and supermarket food) and other things where online purchasing represent alternatives? Last – and not all that local – assuming that movies, theater or spectator sports were part of your 2019 activities, how likely is that you’ll be in those seats in the fall?

    I’ll start with a wary “vote” – much as I’ve missed all of them, I guess I’ve adjusted to a large extent. Now, what I see as the risks (mostly positing more and more non-compliance with each passing month) significantly outweigh the allure.

  • Matthew

    Honestly, walking in different neighborhoods in Brooklyn and seeing how people are treating the virus has me very concerned about potential re-closings by the Fall. I was in Manhattan Beach last week and I would say 1 out of 10 people were actually wearing a mask. In contrast, Brooklyn Heights appears to be around 7 out of 10 people. It really should be 10 out of 10 everywhere. As far as going to Sporting Events, Movies, etc. I do not see myself going to these places until sometime in 2021.

  • Mike Suko

    Outdoors … in the summer – I kind of “get” the lapses. But given that restaurants are all about eating, and the young uns hydrate – water or coffee – almost non-stop (other beverages at the movies and stadiums), I’m afraid it’s simply a fact that these businesses and their owners/employees are akin to the cigarette makers of old – their “best” amounts to “We’re not making you participate.” … Airlines decided early on to require masks but wink at those not wearing them. Forget about movies in the dark – and I can’t imagine Giants or Jets fans booing through masks.

  • Emily W

    Sourcing to see if anyone has any *affordable* (relatively speaking) monthly parking recommendations for the area. Have been basking in the glory of suspended parking, but I expect that may come to an end sometime in July Willing to walk 15 to 25 minutes from the Heights to pick up the car or park in a fenced in outdoors lot. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  • aeshtron

    Sure hope all the blue and orange marks on numerous London Plane’s in/near Cadman park aren’t indicating that all those trees are slated to be cut down.

  • Jorale-man

    According to the Parks Dept. a few of them are scheduled for pruning. I don’t see anything about chopping them down here but I share your concern.

  • Andrew Porter

    That leak in the street in front of 71 Willow Street is still there. I took this photo Sunday:

  • Andrew Porter
  • mac

    try Spothero. you can search the area. looks like $250 mo is the lowest.. down at Pier 6 in the park .

  • Banet

    Happy to report that Sahadi’s is open once again. Shortened hours so call ahead but thank goodness for small things.

  • Mike Suko

    OH THANK YOU…. I periodically have been going a little out of my way … hoping!

    Call me cynical, but the combo of “online” and their new store makes me wonder if the newer generation won’t – at some point – take the money a la the greengrocer down the block [more likely, its landlord] to let someone build as high and as luxe as the law then allows … with MAYBE – one hopes – getting a sweet deal on some retail space at the base. Then, we’ll have to make other arrangements for a couple of years.

  • Cranberry Beret

    The landmarks law would prevent that. The greengrocer (who btw owns its building) was only allowed to go ahead because their building is a 1-story 20th century brick box. The Sahadi’s buildings are 4-story 19th century buildings with enough character to be protected, and you couldn’t build higher anyway.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Where is it coming from? Under one of the cars? I don’t see any cracks or holes in the exposed pavement.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Holy cow, am stunned to see the new garage on Orange @ Columbia Heights is $500/mo. Sheesh.

  • Andrew Porter

    Seemingly seeping up from the very bowels of the earth! In front of the car. “Oozing,” would be an apt word…

    I called this in to 311 couple of weeks ago, so likely a leak from someone’s water line.

  • Andrew Porter

    My days of dining out are over, I think. Still missing Teresa’s, but seldom dined out (maybe 2-3 times a year) before Covid-19. Haven’t been to the movies in 5 years; last sporting event was in the 1950s.

    I’ve noticed that you no longer have to sign the credit card thing most places. Key Food on Montague is the exception, and I just use my nail to make a squiggle.

    View of Covid-19 at work:

  • Mike Suko

    I stand corrected – for now. Has anybody been to the “Commerce City” store?

    And does anyone want to hazard a guess what will happen to the old “Barney’s” space? How ’bout a 2nd movie theater (for the Heights – or as close as could be?)

  • Mary Kim

    Kazi is back on Clinton and Court. It was great to see my old friend today.

  • Banet

    I’ve been to the Industry City location once (right at the beginning of the shutdown — it was a bit of a secret source of staples without a crowd.)

    It’s a large, airy space — about as large as the existing store but all in one room. All the same dry goods. Pasta, sauces, jams, oils… but no taking a number for glass jars of nuts and dried fruit — that they have pre-packaged and with a more limited selection.

    The spices were slightly limited and in MUCH more expensive tiny packages that were all prices the same for the same item. For example, cinnamon was all $2 a package and each package was maybe 1/4 the volume of the old store. Bottom line, their spice prices were similar to Key Food per volume, though obviously a superior product.

    I didn’t pay much attention to the fresh stuff as I was stocking up for a pandemic but they had a counter full of it. They had more sandwich and salad options — clearly aimed at the workers in the area. Also didn’t notice the cheeses, yogurts, etc.

    Lastly, they had a (very) small fresh produce section. Not just the garlic and cucumbers of the old store but about 2 dozen items — bell peppers, onions, bananas(!), apples, lemons, string beans, etc. Again, as if they could be one-stop grocery shopping for Industry City workers.

    All in all, it certainly was different… but also the same.

  • Banet

    Indeed, while the east ends of Pierrepont, Montague, Remsen and Joralemon where left out, that entire side of Atlantic is within the historic district. Here’s the map:

  • Reggie

    Clinton and Court don’t intersect? Not busting your chops, looking to take you (and the up-carrots) up on the suggestion that I get a gyro.

  • Mary Kim

    Whoops, I meant Clinton and Montague. Enjoy your gyro!

  • Jorale-man

    There’s a disturbing article in the NYT today about people letting their guard down across the city, mistakenly thinking the pandemic is over.

    It’s now that we have to be extra careful and protect ourselves, when others are no longer playing by the rules.

  • Teresa

    Han’s on Clark Street has re-opened. So, so happy to have them back.

    Joe’s is also open for take-out.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Another loud explosion last night (Wednesday) at 11:30pm. People are reporting loud fireworks throughout Brooklyn. Reports say Red Hook has them every night.

  • Teresa

    Over the last two nights I’ve been awakened by that sound…it’s weird. Just one single explosion that makes me think of a gun shot.

  • Cranberry Beret

    On my way home, I just walked by 4 teens/young adults. Two had masks on, and two were sharing a joint. Oy.

  • Justin Racz

    6/18 – Everyone who is parked on Hicks and Pierrepont/Clark just got a ticket. Alt. side is suspended until Monday, so why ticket today?
    I thought it was legal bc we’ve all been parking here since March.

  • Knight

    I just wish Mr. Han would post his current hours. I know he’s there in the morning but after 3PM it’s anybody’s guess.

  • Knight

    There was a nicely colorful display at 2:30 this morning but it only lasted about five minutes.