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  • rdgesq

    A couple of weeks ago Peas and Pickles had face masks for $18 for a package of 10

  • Henry

    La Cleaners and Tailors are making and handing out free masks to help the community. They are at 130 union Street. I picked some up and gave them a donation. They have adult and kids sizes. When they run out they make more for the following day.

  • meschwar

    Are the masks that the street vendors are selling fabric or disposable?

  • AEB

    Peas & Pickles–or whatever it’s now called–sells a package of ten masks for $17.95. Yes, expensive, but….

  • Jorale-man

    That’s actually not that bad. A vendor on Etsy was selling *one* for $11. I wonder though, if the word is out now on Peas & Pickles’ stash!

    Thanks for everyone else’s input on this.

  • AEB

    Bought a package today and it looked like they had a decent stock.

  • Banet

    I assume those were disposable paper masks?

  • AEB


  • Jason Ojalvo

    Yes! Me, too! Have picked up from Henry’s End a few times recently — it’s sooooo good! Highly recommended when you want to treat yourself.

  • Reggie

    I thought that the data might be misleading because the facilities are of different sizes. Although the Cobble Hill Health Center is the largest of the nine locations listed on Patch, its deaths-to-beds ratio is still the worst, shockingly bad in fact.

    Downtown Brooklyn; 6 deaths, 320 beds
    Haym Solomon; 6 deaths, 240 beds
    Oxford; 7 deaths, 235 beds
    Seagate; 7 deaths, 360 beds
    Sea Crest; 8 deaths, 305 beds
    Shore View; 14 deaths, 320 beds
    Dr. Susan McKinney; 17 deaths, 320 beds
    Bensonhurst; 34 deaths, 200 beds
    Cobble Hill; 55 deaths, 364 beds

    When I was looking for a rehab facility for a family member, Seagate, Sea Crest and Shore View were all highly rated but too far away for frequent visits. We choose CHHC out of convenience, thinking that family visits contributed a lot to recuperation. This data, however — yikes!

  • PanPanopolis

    Peas and Pickles on Henry is selling multipacks of medical masks for $15.

  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of articles, in the NYT and elsewhere, about people botching DIY haircuts.

    Mark from Salon Van Sickel is staying at his Florida home with his partner; he’d been on vacation since February and extended it.

    My hair is a little ragged, but a little trimming around the ears helps. Maybe time to go back to a shaggier look…

  • Andrew Porter

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. My heart does not bleed for him.

  • Andrew Porter

    You can wash and reuse those, you know…

  • Andrew Porter

    A friend of mine was there for rehab on a broken ankle. She hated the place, couldn’t wait to get out.

  • Andrew Porter

    I finally went to Trader Joe’s on the 16th, first time I was there since March 10th. As a senior citizen, they let me in without a wait—the line stretched down Atlantic to Clinton and around the corner—and got what I needed, and more. Most I paid there ever, then got several week’s worth of pent-up exercise by walking everything, slowly, 10 blocks uphill to the north Heights.

    Joe’s will be closed for cleaning on April 28th, according to

    Here are the NY-area locations to close, and the dates:

    April 20: East Village Trader Joe’s on 436 East 14th St.
    April 21: Brooklyn City Point Trader Joe’s at 445 Gold St.
    April 21: Upper West Side Trader Joe’s at 2073 Broadway
    April 22: Murray Hill Trader Joe’s at 200 East 32nd St.
    April 23: Rego Park Trader Joe’s at 90-30 Metropolitan Ave.
    April 24: Essex Crossing Trader Joe’s at 400 Grand St.
    April 24: Union Square Trader Joe’s grocery at 142 East 14th St.
    April 27: Union Square Trader Joe’s wine shop at 138 East 14th St.
    April 27: Chelsea Trader Joe’s on 675 Sixth Ave.
    April 28: Brooklyn Trader Joe’s at 130 Court St.
    April 28: SoHo Trader Joe’s at 233 Spring St.
    April 28: Upper West Side Trader Joe’s at 670 Columbus Ave.

  • Teresa

    Check YouTube for videos of no-sew masks you can make from t-shirts, socks, scarves, etc. I have zero crafting/sewing skills, and I’ve fashioned about half a dozen with minimal effort out of things I already have hat home.

  • Jorale-man

    Good to know. With so few options around, we have to be a little resourceful.

  • aeshtron

    Masks being sold on Fulton Street are disposable.