Subway Service Details During City Shutdown

For anyone needing to use the subway this coming weekend or week, there’s good news. There will be service on all of the lines serving stations in Brooklyn Heights and nearby. The frequency of service will be cut back, with most trains running at intervals of eight to twelve minutes. C trains, which normally run on the same line as the A at High Street and at Jay Street-MetroTech, will not be running, but A trains will, and will make all local stops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 5 trains, which normally serve Brooklyn Monday through Friday from early morning through early evening, will be originating and terminating in Manhattan, but 4 trains, which run on the same line at Borough Hall, should be running, though less frequently. 2, 3, F, N, and R trains should be running normally but less frequently.

Of course, we must take into account the possibility of “incidents” or “police investigations” or “signal problems” causing greater than planned delays, so it’s always best to check MTA Service Advisory for current status on any line. Unfortunately, there now seems to be an error in the column on that page headed “Service Status.” It shows “No scheduled service” for A. C, and E trains, when only C trains are not in service. It shows the same for N, Q, R, and W trains, but only W trains are out of service; N and R trains should be running.

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  • Andrew Porter

    7 weeks since I was in the subway. Shutting down of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden deprived me of my main reason for taking the subway.