Keeping Virus Free While Shopping? The Eagle Has Suggestions From Local Residents

Mary Frost of the Eagle has interviewed local residents about how they do their grocery shopping while avoiding COVID-19 contamination. She got responses from many local residents, including City Council Member Stephen Levin; Lara Birnback, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights AssociationKate Chura, executive director of the Montague Street BID; and Brooklyn Heights residents Beverly Closs, and Will Hasty. Your correspondent, while trying to keep things clean, needed some advice from these good people.

Photo: C. Scales for BHB

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  • pckO|}y$y8b’

    Trader Joe’s on Court + Atlantic Corona positive

    Walgreens on Court + Atlantic closed

  • CookieGuggleman

    Was there a positive case at that Walgreens?

  • Andrew Porter

    I suspect Will Hasty is Dozier Hasty’s son; Dozier is publisher of The Brooklyn Eagle. I notice several of the photos were taken where Frost lives.

  • Jorale-man

    I read today that Wal-Mart (which I’m not normally a fan of) is enforcing one-way traffic in its grocery aisles. Key Food and the others around here should consider that so to keep things more orderly.

    Also, if you can’t order groceries online, visit the stores at odd hours so the aisles aren’t so crowded.

  • Clara West

    As well as using mask and gloves, I also carry a small squirt
    bottle with 70% alcohol. Gloves can easily lose ability to be
    Most of us women have bunches of these bottles laying around.

  • Arch Stanton

    Gloves are mostly a waste of time. The virus cannot be absorbed through the skin and gloves will transfer it just as easily from surface to surface. Best to keep sanitizing you hands and above all, don’t touch your face.