Noodle Pudding Goes Online!

Talk about unprecedented times! Noodle Pudding has famously and proudly never had a website, social media presence, or even a sign on their facade. Because why would it bother? It’s still the neighborhood’s favorite restaurant according to our readers, and packed nightly. But, with all NYC restaurants closed to dining in, Noodle Pudding now has an Instagram account to keep customers updated on their take-out menu. Check it out @NoodlePuddingToGo. Current menus and wine lists (with some prices slashed) are posted there. Call (718) 625-3737 to order.

The restaurant has also posted its menu and contact info on its windows. Chef Tony and server April were outside the restaurant today. When asked for a photo, Chef Tony said that April “did everything! all of this!” pointing to the windows, and insisted that she get in the photo. More than insist, he pulled April to the window, who then said, “Make sure you write on the blog that the Chef beats his staff!”

Chef Tony and April still in good spirits and goofing around despite the difficult times.

Chef Tony and April still in good spirits and goofing around despite the difficult times.


20200318_163226Support our local restaurants. Let’s keep them afloat while we go through this together.


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  • James Morgan

    This is the BEST news we’ve had in days! Bravo Antonio & crew! Reading this in Mexico brought tears to our eyes…and made us damn hungry too. If we ever get outta here…next stop, Noodle Pudding!

  • Thomas Walser

    Just feel the need to point out that my daughter, Lola Walser, not April, did the posters in our window. She worked too hard on them for me not to correct that mistake.
    Hope everyone’s staying healthy. Thanks for all the support and good wishes.

  • JDF

    Unfortunately, they are now closed for “the foreseeable future.”

    Not sure how much longer other BH restaurants will be able to stay open and make a go of it.