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  • CassieVonMontague

    I hope everyone has a good holiday next week.

    I noticed the Romp/Bishop family aren’t selling Xmas trees in front of Key Food this year after almost 10 years there. Someone else is in the spot. Did they move?

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s one of my own photos, showing the entrance to the Promenade during one of our not-so-recent Snowpocalypses:
    Photo © Andrew Porter

  • Rick

    I bought a Christmas tree there a few days ago, and the young woman who sold it to me said that the family who is usually there couldn’t come this year, but will probably be back next year. The women who are there for this year have an arrangement with the family to share the profits.

  • Blaine McEvoy

    Why can’t you “sit” in the “Fort Sterling Sitting Area?” Why (do you think) NYC Parks classifies it as a “park,” and yet you can’t even enter it?

  • A Neighbor

    Speaking of Christmas trees. The folks on Montague Street and sellers all over the city are wrapping trees in yards of plastic mesh. They should be required to use string or another biodegradable fiber. Plastic is killing the planet. And the mesh, with crosshatching every inch or so, poses the same threat to sea and land animals as the plastic covers on 6-packs – animals get entangled in it and die. The City Council needs to ban its use before next Christmas.

  • Andrew Porter

    You could sit behind it—at least, there used to be a row of seats—but the actual area is out of bounds. Discussed here, once:

  • Andrew Porter
  • #love trump

    He’s making a list…
    He’s checking it twice…
    Gonna decide who’s being DEPORTED by ICE

  • Well, ykwthis…

    I’m dreaming of a white….NEW YORK
    just like the one I used to know….

  • aeshtron

    Last night (Sat Dec 21) at about 9:10pm I was sucker punched in the head by a man near the SE corner of Cadman Plaza West and Middagh. He was with three other males and one female. My grocery cart was knocked over as I moved evasively to avoid a punch to my face. The man came out of Cadman Park and ran at me from behind while swinging hard. I unsuccessfully lunged at him after being hit and angrily chased the four men south on Cadman until I realized that the female of the group was lingering at my unattended cart containing groceries, phones and my wallet. I did call the police who did respond. Be aware of your surroundings!

  • Mary Kim

    If like me, you’ve been wondering what happened to Ralph since the Vermont tree sellers took over the corner of St. Ann’s, here’s a tweet that explains.

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    Seems like it is becoming an epidemic in the city (already happened a few times in BH). What a great way for our youths to spend time! Unfortunately they won’t be doing any time for this exemplary activity – a dark side of our city’s liberalism.

  • Andrew Porter

    Christmas Eve services: all I know is the Plymouth Church will be holding a Family Service at 4pm, a full service at 6pm, and a Candlelight Service at 10pm.

    I’ll be at the last one.

  • Love Laner

    I spoke with them as well and apparently they (the folks there this year) brought their trees all the way down from Quebec–did the family from Vermont also get their trees from there?