Update on Chase Robbery


Nabe photog Marc Hermann writes to BHB:

Chase Bank on Montague St. got hit by a robber Friday afternoon. Unlike the incident several weeks ago at Citibank, the perp in this one had no weapon. However, after passing a note and receiving an undetermined amount of currency, the masked bandit left a "suspicious package" behind. This prompted an evacuation of the building and the freezing of Montague Street traffic for the better part of an hour. Det. Thomas O'Riordan, a Bomb Squad technician, is seen wearing protective clothing, exiting the bank after checking out the package and determining that it was harmless.

Photo by: Marc Hermann

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  • frawwg

    Wow. Glad the Ninja Turtles were nearby.

  • webster

    Love the contradiction of a guy in a scary bomb suit flashing the “thumbs up.”

    Great photo, great timing.