Levin: “[T]here Has to be a Better Way” for BQE Repair

City Council Member Stephen Levin was interviewed on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, and had this to say about the City Department of Transportation’s plan for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway rehabilitation:

Robert Moses’ infrastructure projects created all types of massive havoc around New York City, divided communities and really displaced thousands of people. As we’re looking towards 21st century infrastructure in New York, I think that we have to reckon with that and do what we can to address it restoratively.

I applaud the Brooklyn Heights Association and a new group called A Better Way, because they’ve really said “You know what? Let’s take a look at this, let’s get some transparency into this process…let’s build a 21st century highway.”

We need to be looking at alternatives. We need there to be some kind of real transparency to the process. [We need] a community advisory committee so that we can bring good ideas to the table.

We think that there has to be a better way to do this.

Thanks to aBetterWay.nyc for this information.

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  • BklynT

    This tunnel should be considered. (see study link below) Per Arch Stanton “The DOT did fairly extensive study which weighed the feasibility of several tunnel alternatives….one route was deemed feasible; a tunnel from Williamsburg to Sunset Park that would bypass this entire area. Such a tunnel would do away with much of the traffic traveling on the current route, which would then only be necessary for approaches to the bridges. The size of the roadway could be reduced to 2 lanes each way. Furthermore, the section through Cobble Hill and the Heights could potentially be eliminated if the bridge traffic were simply routed directly towards the tunnel. It would not only provide relief from the nightmare rebuild scenarios but also relief from the current traffic levels forever.”