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  • DIBS

    Doesn’t he or someone else complain every time photos are posted?

  • Andrew Porter

    The best restaurants in the Heights, according to GrubStreet:

  • gwc

    “From a common sense perspective” it couldn’t be more obvious that the Promenade acts as an overhang. What else would you call it?

  • gatornyc

    Physically it plainly is an overhang. That doesn’t mean it actually acts as an overhang that keeps pollution from getting into BH. There is no evidence that it keeps any pollution from getting into the Heights.

  • Arch Stanton

    I’d love to hear you “science” explaining how many thousands of cubic feet per minute of exhaust gases are miraculously prevented from entering the neighborhood?

  • DIBS

    I can’t believe Sociale didn’t make that list. A few others there are “fair” in my mind.

  • mac

    100% agreed. an odd list at best.