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  • Nomcebo Manzini

    2 questions re state-of-the-heights…

    1) Has the Brooklyn Bridge been lit up like it is now for many years? Could just be a late fall very cold night, but I’m thinking maybe they put in mercury bulbs or something.
    2) Has anybody (else) seen the amount of digging now being done in Brooklyn Bridge Park on the stretch near Furman St.? Sure looks like somebody’s starting work on that 6-laner…. Seriously, (if one cares) one can see a hefty portion of where that sucker would go. It gives the lie to “despoilment,” just in case dedicating a half acre for years now to some concretized piers that must have failed quality control doesn’t tell you what poor stewards we have.

    I’ll say this for the BHA. In their battle with BBP over the 2 newest towers near the Atlantic end of the park, they made it clear how little the park bigs care about honesty or neighborliness. No, that’s hardly grounds for routing the temporary BQE lanes through it – instead, we’re talking “no good alternative” – but their lack of clean hands will surely come back to haunt them as we near an “up or down” vote!

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s a photo from the Municipal Archives of the south side Pineapple Street between Henry and Fulton (now Cadman Plaza West) showing the St. George Playhouse. I see Henry Fonda was in The Grapes of Wrath when the photo was taken. All now gone, of course:

  • AEB

    Does anyone know what is going on in the store at the SE corner of Hicks and Middagh? The new tenant is Alice’s Teacup, a bakery that has several NYC branches.

    A peak into the store, above the paper-covered windows, reveals a space almost entirely filled with baking equipment; there’s no apparent room for display/selling. Will this be a retail space or a “kitchen” for the other locations?

  • CassieVonMontague

    1. The new LED bulbs went in a couple years ago. They are bluer and whiter than the old yellow-red sodium lamps.

    2. The digging is for the Pier 2 Uplands section of the park. It will include a lawn, a small berm and a water garden. It is expected to be completed by June 2020.

  • Andrew Porter

    Where have you been? This was all discussed extensively here on September 10th:

  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday I was in Key Food on Montague looking for seasonal pies, but found nothing. The manager told me that Entenmann’s didn’t supply any pies at all this fall—no apple, blueberry, cocoanut custard, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc.—and he was really upset.

    I ended up going into Lassen & Hennig and buying one there: $18.95 for a pumpkin pie. It’s so large I may give part to a neighbor.

    Anyone else here suffering from SPDD (Seasonal Pie Deprivation Disorder)?

  • Jorale-man

    The pies and cakes at Garden of Eden (or whatever it’s called now) are pretty good, I find. I’ve gone there for birthday cakes and they wrap them up nicely and they taste fresh. I’ll have to try L&H for comparison.

  • Teresa

    The pies at the farmers market on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving are outstanding.

  • NeighboorHood

    Curiously, MSNBC just ran a story on the Pentagon purchasing and sending 75,000 more pies to send troops overseas for Thanksgiving. Oddly, it’s the same number of troops as last year, but they’re sending over 10 times more pies (6,000 last yr, 81,000 this year)!

  • AEB

    Thanks, Andrew–I even contributed to that thread. My point was–is–nothing seems to be happening within the store other than the piling up of cooking equipment. I mean, an industrial oven, etc. Could make a person wonder. Makes ME wonder.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “Gaddadavida” sold me a really stale cake once. Love the store for what it does best (gourmet pantry goods & surprisingly affordable quality seafood) but I don’t patronize their baked goods section anymore.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Perfect timing to be overrun by BQE construction on Furman! (Which is going to heavily impact that edge of the park regardless of which plan is adopted.) Why BBP is going full steam ahead on the uplands and Squibb pool plans in the face of lengthy construction disruption (at the least) is beyond me. For an organization that claimed they “needed” every last cent generated by the Pier 6 buildings, they sure have a lot of cash to spend on dubiously-timed works.

  • Andrew Porter

    Official Statement from the BHA:

    DOT Promises to Assess Alternative BQE Plan

    The BHA met Monday morning with DOT Commissioner Trottenberg, the project’s engineers and other DOT officials, as well as with Councilmember Levin, Senator Kavanagh, and Assemblymember Simon and their representatives, and a representative of Borough President Eric Adams, for a two hour discussion concerning the BQE Project.

    The BHA requested the meeting to accomplish several objectives:

    To challenge the three assumptions on which DOT based its plan for a 6-lane “Promenade” highway, which involve staying within the city’s right-of-way; accommodating the same level of traffic as present; and limiting the project’s planning to only that which is under the City’s control.

    To ask our local City and State elected officials how we can work with them to achieve a better solution through a range of actions by the State and other government agencies.

    To discuss the imperative of creative techniques to reduce the level of traffic that would otherwise be using the BQE Atlantic-to-Sands corridor during the construction period; and

    To discuss alternatives to the Promenade Highway, including a concept first conceived by Marc Wouters Studios, a Heights-based architect-urban planning firm with which the BHA has been working. That concept would move traffic to a temporary 2-level structure west of the existing triple cantilever instead of DOT’s 6-lane highway on the Promenade. The concept would impact the Park’s berms to some extent but would not affect the Park’s useable space, and would involve noise protection features so that the area now occupied by the berms could become useable parkland post-construction.

    In addition to avoiding the terrible impacts of DOT’s Promenade Highway on numerous residential buildings along Columbia Heights, as well as on 360 Furman, the concept offers other advantages, such as various construction techniques that could accelerate the project’s completion. No solution is likely to be perfect, however, and this concept would entail more temporary lane closures at certain locations than DOT’s preferred plan, making traffic management techniques an important part of this alternative approach. The BHA advanced this proposal to illustrate solutions that could be achieved if DOT could work with other government agencies to alleviate the narrow constraints it has imposed upon itself.

    There were several outcomes of the meeting:

    Commissioner Trottenberg agreed to have DOT engineers assess the alternative concept in the coming weeks, though she provided no specific timeframe.

    Senator Kavanagh and Assemblymember Simon agreed to work together to initiate a conversation with the Governor’s Office and State transportation agencies to determine the State’s willingness to assist the City with implementing better approaches to the project, including measures to better manage traffic on the BQE.

    For its part, the BHA will engage with the community to promote better cooperation by DOT with the State and other government agencies that will be necessary to bring the best possible plan for the BQE to fruition.

    On Monday afternoon, the BHA, in conjunction with representatives of A Better Way NYC, met with a roster of major New York civic and preservation organizations to enlist their support in opposing the Promenade Highway. The representatives of these organizations voiced a strong concern for the highway’s impact on the Promenade and the metropolitan community, and offered both valuable ideas on how they can contribute to opposing the DOT plan as well as their support of our efforts to move DOT to adopt a better solution.

  • Brixtony

    Thanks for this. I’ve never seen it. The back door to 101 Clark must be right about where the doorway is on the right.

  • Bornhere

    It was a wonderful theatre, complete with a flashlight-toting matron.

  • Blake Stevens

    Hi, it appears that more and more real estate agents are using “For Sale” signs outside of single family homes that are for sale. I live beside such a property and it is becoming annoying living beside a Corcoran “For Sale” sign. Does anyone have a suggestion how to get rid of it? Or, given it is a temporary sign, there is no LPC violation? Many thx

  • MaggieO

    buy the house.

  • Arch Stanton

    Why is the sign annoying?