Alice’s Tea Cup Coming to Hicks and Middagh

We’ve been alerted by reader Andrew Porter that

[t]he whimsical teahouse, bakery and restaurant Alice’s Tea Cup will open this year at the corner of Hicks Street and Middagh Street in Brooklyn Heights, across from PS 8.

The photo is from their present location at 102 West 73rd Street, in Manhattan.

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  • AEB

    This is a welcome addition to the nabe, indeed! As I live in the very, very immediate vicinity of the tea house to-come, I particularly look forward to it–and, finally, to the arrival of a non- real-estate biz tenant in the space.

  • Jorale-man

    Cool. Any word on an opening date?
    In South Heights news, I see there’s a new coffee shop / frame store on the corner of Henry & Atlantic, where Holler & Squall used to be.

  • Arch Stanton

    What is so “whimsical” about peddling over-priced carbohydrates in a pretentious atmosphere?

  • Heights Guy 77

    Bah! Humbug!
    To everyone but Mr. Scrooge and PS 8 parents on a diet, this is an awesome addition to the neighborhood. Great news!!!

    Insert curmudgeonly and overtly rude reply here.

  • Andrew Porter

    Is this it?

    Salter House. See:

    “Salter House presents our favourite natural daily-use home goods and housewares—from tablewear and linens to baby supplies—focusing on traditional English, American and Japanese makers. Salter House also includes the Tea Room where you can join us for vegan treats and a pot of tea or coffee. Visit our sister store next door, Picture Room.”

    119 Atlantic Avenue, (347) 987 4675, Monday-Saturday to 7pm, Sundays to 5pm.

  • Andrew Porter

    Their menu looks really good. They’ll have brunch on the weekends, too.

  • StudioBrooklyn
  • Arch Stanton
  • BrooklynHeightzer

    Not at all “whimsical” in Brooklyn heights, in fact it fits in perfectly here…maybe would be “whimsical” in Washington Heights or Crown Heights, certainly not in BH.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, that’s the place. It looks pretty nice from the outside.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I wonder where they have room for any type of kitchen. This space is quite limited. I have been to Alice”s on 73rd street in Manhattan and it is much bigger. Maybe this location will restrict themselves to tea and pastries delivered from vendors. I wonder.
    Also, agree not whimsical, we live in a pseudo gated community, allowing for tourist visitations. Still getting use to it and personally feel the benefits far outweigh the cost considering new amenities and refurbishment of housing stock that was in disrepair. AEB, I presume, will become tea toddler rather than venturing Cranberries of Joe’s for coffee.

  • meschwar

    Yes, SOMEBODY here should definitely lighten up.

  • Herman on Henry

    There’s nothing pseudo gated about the Brooklyn Heights community at all.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    What I was attempting to say is that Brooklyn Heights is much more exclusive than it was 25 years ago. Many apartments have been converted to open market and wealthier people have moved in. I’m not complaining, in fact I like it in many ways, but just highlighting that the neighborhood vibe has changed considerably. Hanging out at Joe’s feels appreciably like being in the West Village or some other chic neighborhood in Manhattan.

  • AnonyMom

    In this neighborhood with so many kids, Alice’s Tea cup will be able to sustain themselves by hosting birthday parties alone.

  • Andrew Porter

    From what I’ve seen—brief glimpses of construction—they will also be using the basement, presumably for the ovens.

  • AEB

    They’re setting up kitchen facilities in the building’s basement. I doubt, however, considering the space down there and ventilation issues, that much baking will be done. Most baked goods will be “imported,” I think.

  • AEB

    Indeed! I’ll just lower a basket from a front window, Karl, to be filled and retrieved….

  • Andrew Porter

    Not as good news. I received e-mail from them:

    “Unfortunately, we won’t have the full menu there, just a cafe style version with oatmeal and baked goods for breakfast and some premade sandwiches and baked goods for lunch and all day!

    “We will be taking tea and scones seriously as we always do but adding coffee art to the mix!”