Mad Eggplant Bomber at St. George Dorms

None other than Mrs. Fink herself was a victim of a dangerous veggie dump out of a window at the St. George dorms on Henry St. this past weekend. Mrs. Fink posted on social media on Sunday at about 1:30 p.m.:

So this just happened- walking home from errands/haircuts and some ass from the dorms dumped a bucket of veg from a high floor all over us. Whatever that eggplant looking thing is? Was whole before it whacked my (bad)wrist. Then tomatoes etc. My wrist is killing me. Can’t imagine if there had been a newborn… I’m spitting mad.

Eggplant Assault

This writer personally witnessed the swelling and bruising on Mrs. Fink’s wrist. Young Fink, who was with Mrs. Fink at the time, could very well have been hit too. Couldn’t be the mad soda can bomber or the yogurt chucker from 2011, or the drunken budding scientist testing gravity by throwing down a cinder block from the roof in 2010, since surely she/he/they have graduated, probably, maybe, right?

Asked for a quote for this blog, Mrs. Fink, the best in the biz of one-liners, said, “Eggplant shouldn’t bite back. What did salad ever do to them? I thought vegetarians were pacifists. And what, no dressing?”

But seriously, someone, someone’s baby, someone’s sweet grandma, someone’s child whose parents are paying a ton for plush student housing! could have been very badly hurt.

Even a freshman is 18 or very close, and should know better, right?

Hey guys, how about you stop throwing deadly objects out the window and maybe, oh I don’t know, VOTE?


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  • Heights Guy 77

    I’m unsure why this post is framed as a comedy. Your own wrist is swelling, a baby almost/could’ve been seriously injured, and we’re supposed to laugh? I hope the police were called and security was fully put on notice of the situation. This needs to be nipped in the bud, immediately. Please do so. Thank you.

  • Arch Stanton

    I remember an incident back in the late 70’s when some nutcase threw a fire axe off the roof of George, it embedded in the hood of a taxi…

  • TVC15

    The posting says that the veggies were thrown from the “dorms on Henry St.” – part of the EHS complex on Henry and Clark.

    However, the picture you posted is of the co-op building (the “St. George Tower” – not a student dorm) on Hicks & Pineapple, with a view from Pineapple Street. That co-op building has nothing to do with the EHS dorms (and presumably nothing to do with the offending legumes)…

    You should remove or change your pic ASAP before the co-op folks come after you with a lawsuit (and it would be the responsible thing to do – please get your facts and your pics correct… journalistic integrity).

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, photo is of co-op tower, not the side with the dorms, which are on Clark Street, Henry and the corner of Pineapple.

  • Andrew Porter