Eagle: St. George Students “Good Neighbors”; “Club Wild Fyre” to be Resurrected?

Clark Street residents have recently endured “turnover season” at the St. George student residences, as summer residents (the rooms are typically almost full during the summer with students on internships or taking summer classes) give way to those moving in for the fall, meaning lots of traffic loading and unloading on the block between Henry and Hicks.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: The Hotel St. George, once the largest hotel in New York City, may not take overnight guests anymore, but it still serves a transient population in its latest incarnation as student housing. And while the thought of rowdy dorm parties might have once raised the antennae in the surrounding community, the student tenants of Educational Housing Services (EHS), who just arrived for another semester, have proven to be, for the most part, good neighbors.

“[F]or the most part” is a meaningful qualifier. As the Eagle article notes, “[a]n intoxicated student performed gravity tests from the roof with a cinder block (and was arrested and evicted).” According to the Eagle, this was the only “major blemish”; readers of this blog will, however, remember Rex and Guder.

The Eagle piece also notes the continuing efforts of EHS to renovate unused portions of the vast St. George complex. “Under consideration for event spaces”, the article observes, “is Club Wildfyre, the name of the Heights’ once-infamous gentlemen’s club, and the Luca Brasi Room, a nod to a famous scene from The Godfather, shot in one of the hotel’s bars.”

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  • Exercizer

    I agree that the students have been good neighbors so far, but they sure do make and leave a mess at Eastern Athletic Club. Weights are left on floor and equipment, towels left all over the place and when plates are placed on the racks they are shuffled. Sick of wasting time searching and digging for equipment. I will not be renewing my membership due to these students. Of course EA shares some responsibility for the problem. They should educate the new members and enforce their policies. And, if that doesnt work provide more staff to clean-up.

  • Eas


  • Eddy de Lectron

    The “Luca Brasi Room” was in the former Club Wildfire… although at the time it was called Corio’s (sp)

  • Clark Street Resident

    I only hope the cold weather gets here soon so that the kids will stop hanging out in front of the dorms and keeping me awake at night.

  • michael

    good neighbors– Ha! people in my bdlg are kept awake constantly by students screaming, drinkiing, & smoking pot on the promenade this is a bdlg that is located on columbia hts overlooking the harbor. i complained to a security person @ the EHS & he said they couldn’t stand in front of their bdlg because of people complaining so the best they can do is head for the promenade. as for the bklyn daily eagle comment h when has that rag EVER spoke up for the working people of the hts.

  • nabeguy

    Gee, maybe they should bring back Club WildFyre. Trust me, you’ll be begging for the students to return if that happens.

  • ClarknHenry

    I live on Henry Street, and I say it’s pure pandemonium over there all night long on the weekends. Last night I went down to the street at 2am to see what all the carrying on was about. Just as I left my building, one of those idiots kit a pile of cardboard boxes on fire right on the corner. The police and fire dept showed up. Not sure if they caught the jerk. Truth is there is no easy solution to the entitlement in abject inconsideration those kids display. Their presence certainly makes BH a much less desirable place to live. I have had many conversations with the head of security, who is sympathetic with my plight, but I fear we should make our concerns known to the 83rd Precinct and to CB 2. From my window on our beautiful world, putting college kids at the St George was just a BAD idea.

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s the 84th Precinct. Phone # is 1-718-875-6811.