Open Thread Wednesday 9/22/10

HP Lovecraft's house. Photo by Dan Patterson

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  • AEB

    I need to have several interior doorknobs removed and replaced. Does anyone have the name of a reliable human who might do that for a minimum of $. Thanks.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    What’s with the Shell station on Atlantic $3.20 for regular when other stations are in the $2.80 range? I call for a boycott!

  • Claude Scales

    Eddy: price gouging may be the least of their sins: read this post and the comment thread following.

  • John

    Yes everyone should boycott the Shell Station.
    the guy is nasty and a crook !

  • Anon

    Door knobs are usually pretty easy to replace, especially if they’re the standard type. Usually all that it takes is a screwdriver. For the price you’ll pay for a person to come out to do it, you could afford to upgrade the type knobs you’re putting into the door.

  • Billy Reno

    He gives great air!

  • Sidewalk sale addict

    The Brooklyn Heights Association’s Heights-wide Sidewalk Sale is a great idea. Are buildings and people in and around Montague Street participating? I hope it doesn’t rain? Anybody know where the sales will be?

  • Christi

    I know 62 Montague St. is having one this Sunday….near the Promenade.

  • Cadman Track

    There is a school track team that frequently practices on the Cadman Plaza track around 5:00pm. I don’t know if they are high school or college students. They very aggressively run the track clockwise (instead of the customary counterclockwise), force people off the path, and many times make contact with other joggers. I’ve witnessed them terrify mothers/nannies with small children on the track with very irresponsible passing as well. Has anyone else witnessed/experienced this? Does anyone know what school they are from?

    I understand the need for schools to improvise to find ways to practice but the Cadman Plaza track is very narrow and busy. It is not the schools private track and should not be treated as such. Furthermore, that time of day the park is extremely crowded with many small children. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

  • north heights res

    Without commenting on any of the athletes’ behavior, which I haven’t seen, what are small children doing on a running track, anyway? I don’t run very fast, but it would certainly be annoying to have to navigate small children who have no business being on a track.

  • AEB

    Thanks, anon. Yep, that’s my objective: to exchange bad old doorknobs for good new ones. But I don’t trust myself to do the work, so….

  • EHinBH

    That Shell also charges more for using a credit card, which I think should be illegal. As for the track: I overlook it — and agree with above. It’s not a private track for the High School!

  • Montragrue

    @EHinBH, it is illegal, but technically they’re simply offering a discount for those who pay cash. Go figure.

  • lori

    What’s with all the bikes that people are “storing” on the street, attached to signposts, etc.? I know you can do this temporarily, but people are storing their bikes this way for long stretches of time. Is this even legal?

  • Moni_bk

    Anyone know what the film crews have been working on all week near court/state st?

  • Jorale-man

    I haven’t encountered the young jocks you speak of but I do find it annoying when someone runs the wrong way on that track. Are they doing it to go against the grain? Maybe there should be signs there as you’ll find at the Central Park reservoir.

  • north heights res

    I run on that track semi-regularly and had no idea that there was a right way and a wrong way. I’ve run in both directions. What social rule applies of which I am unaware?

  • AAR

    Stoop/sidewalk sales in BH on Sunday — check out Orange Street between Hicks and Willow. Also, the BHA website ( promises to list locations if people who want to participate send their address.

    The “running track” — I don’t think that is is officially a running track. It is used regularly by people walking and pushing strollers. When I asked the Parks Dept office in the War Memorial about the distance around the track, the response was, “What running track?”

  • nabeguy
  • Anon

    @AEB, since you said you have a bunch of them you should really just try it out. Worse comes to, you’ll have a door without a door knob and still have to pay someone to come out to replace ’em. There are lots of videos online showing you how to do it. This is the first one one Google for me:

  • Obama?


    As you should know, the “running track” is not continuous throughout the park. A number of common areas of the park must be run on to complete full laps. Children & pedestrians also need to walk on & cross certain parts of these common areas. I’ve seen runners going way too fast for these conditions!

  • Hicks St guy

    then there are the jackasses who walk their dogs on the track!
    they have the whole park, but insist on the track.

  • Deborah

    With the Clark Street dorms, I think there are just too many students in Brooklyn Heights. I was walking home from the Last Exit late last Thursday night and a very drunk girl was squatting on the curb of Pinapple Street taking a dump. When she saw me walking by she said she couldn’t help herself because she was locked out of her dorm. I’ve lived in the neighborhood a long time, but it’s starting to get old very fast.

  • AmyinBH

    Does anyone know what happened at St. Francis College this morning (Thurs. 23)? The students seem to have been evacuated and there were a few fire trucks with the firefighters still in the trucks. Traffic was backed up on Clinton.

  • Teddy


    I read the sign and the production was listed as “Someday This Pain”. I believe it’s the film below (not enough space for the whole title on the sign).

  • Harriet Zumpfe

    One minor issue is the distance it can cover – but, when you think it is only used on the farm, it has not been pushed too far over distance.