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  • StudioBrooklyn

    I was approached by a Post reporter yesterday on the Promenade. She admitted that she was specifically looking for quotes from people who were angry about the proposition because it would block their views. Just a warning to neighbors, I suspect the Post will spin this in such a way that it makes us look selfishly out of touch with whatever greater good comes of these renovations.

  • Cranberry Beret
  • Banet

    A great addition to the neighborhood. Is this the location on Henry or the 1/2 space on Clark?

  • Andrew Porter

    Bjork has put her Heights penthouse on the market; she’s asking $9 million. Article in Variety here:


    The building is currently shrouded in scaffolding.

  • Andrew Porter

    On Henry, just north of Atlantic. Saw it coming back from the Antic on Atlantic.

  • Andrew Porter

    From the BHA: Mailbox Pfishing Remains a Problem

    “In April, the BHA reported that NYPD and the US Postal Service issued a warning to local residents about thieves fishing envelopes from corner mailboxes to steal identities and raid people’s bank accounts. This problem is occurring on a city-wide basis.

    “To respond to the problem, the US Postal Service has been slowly retrofitting mailboxes with slots and removing the hinged doors that provide thieves with greater access.

    “Since that warning, many people have heeded the warning to refrain from mailing letters with sensitive information and checks after the last collection time of the day or to take their mail to the post office. However, not everyone has changed their mailing habits and the BHA continues to receive reports about mail being pilfered and checking accounts abused.

    “We urge residents to continue to be vigilant about when and where they mail their senstive documents or payments.”

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Also you can tell from the reflection (not the St. George)!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    This is terrible news! I’ll be very sad to see her go. I have taken great solace over the years knowing that she was close by, even though she is intensely private, seeing her pass by once in a while always brightened my day. An artist whose creative decisions I have the most respect for, and I’ll miss those glimpses.