Park Progress: Pier 1 (Seventh Report)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

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  • Harry

    where can i get more info on the parks’ construction?

  • Harry of course ;)

  • Publius

    I drove by Pier 6 tonight–lots of construction going on there too.

  • anon

    Great photos and love the series–thanks. For future ones, can you include a short blurb on the differences that you see in the site and how it relates to the proposed eventual parksite? You’re doing a great service, but this little bit of an extra value added work would be great for those of us not as knowledgeable as you about what the construction on the site will ultimately mean.

  • Brooklyn Guy

    Thanks so much for these pictures. I watch the hill grow each day. Quite amazing. Despite its detractors rantings, this will be a great park, and sooner than people realize.

    You can check the plan at

  • amy

    Does anyone know if the taco stand and sandbox will be oepning again at Pier 1? And if so, when?