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  • PierrepontSkin

    Alternate side suspension is a blessing to us car owners. Half the time in the heights now, the street sweepers don’t even come by (speaking from experience sitting in 9:30-11 spots). Most of us work and it can be a major hassle. Let all the religious holidays in on it if it means I get a good spot.

  • Mimi

    Re #1: Yes, I have been harassed by that man. I was walking towards my building around 7PM one weekend and he walked pointedly towards me, clearly wanting to get in my face while swinging his arms. He got so close to me that I veered. When i did that he spat at me while mumbling incoherent words.
    Also on a couple of occasions, walking by with my husband, he has tried to taunt us saying things like ‘my, my there goes another rich couple… why don’t we go Tahiti’… etc.

  • mac

    The street closures today in the North Heights are out of control…just crazy the size of the production going on today. yikes

  • Eddyde

    Everyone affected by this ridiculous practice needs to bombard our representatives and the mayors office with complaints.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    His area has become increasingly cluttered and dirty; two days ago he spilled some liquid that spread out all over the side walk. As he accumulates more stuff, it gets more cluttered. What happens on Sundays when there are services, does he remain there, do parishioners have to walk over him? Just curious.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My experience has been different; I walk past him once or twice a day. I have not detected any change in the size or state of his encampment over the last several weeks. As to the liquid, I have seen him using bottled water to rinse his hands. To also reply to Mimi’s comment earlier, it seems obvious that like many non-domiciled people, this guy is dealing with some psychological issues, which I referred to earlier, and which I hope the city handles in a way that doesn’t involve aggression and harassment.

    Every single negative anecdotal interaction people have posted about here screams “schizophrenia”, and the reality is that he is statistically and medically very unlikely to be a real threat to anyone in the neighborhood. (

    I sensed the general tone that kicked off this discussion was hostile toward him, as an aggressor or intruder, and perhaps in the minds of some of our neighbors, as a black man. I don’t know what happens on Sundays at the church but I think his situation warrants our compassion and concern, infinitely more so than whether the well clothed and fed, brownstone-dwelling churchgoers in the neighborhood have to catch sight of him on their way in to services. Anyone—let alone anyone who makes it a weekly habit to visit a house of worship—should be able to see the irony in complaining that a homeless man might be blocking one entrance to a church.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    I wasn’t screaming or implying anything but there is a person living on the steps of a non-domicile who has stuff and spills liquids. Which warrants my concern. Which is not ideal for him

    nor the people who use this space for its intended purpose, which, to reiterate, is not a domicile. Don’t put words or thoughts or implied biases in my mouth.

    Your link to what I assume was an article supporting that schizophrenics do not harm others is broken.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I believe I was pretty clear that the attitudes I was perceiving (and yes, with regard to some extremes, speculating on) pertain to this whole thread and to a greater extent, to the community as a whole. I apologize if you my remarks appeared to single out your comments; that was not my intention.

    That leaves us with two different personal experiences with the guy. I hope he is able to get whatever help he needs, and of course that nobody’s interactions with him are unpleasant.

    I’ll try the link again:

  • Andrew Porter

    When I first moved here, Alternate Side Parking was 2 days: Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m just back from a 2-week trip to California via Amtrak, and there are homeless encampments everywhere along the tracks, in numerous California cities.