Signs of Progress? Bossert Replaces Awning

Just a week after Brooklyn Paper’s August 3rd missive on the never ending delay of the Bossert Hotel re-opening, the building’s tattered eyesore of an awning was removed without fanfare.  The property’s manager, Stephen Allen was later quoted in the publication on the 14th, “We’re restoring the frame, and putting it right back. It will look exactly like the old one.”  The Montague BID had tried, in vain, on many occasions to have the problem addressed.

Over the weekend a shiny new awning was installed. It does in fact look exactly like the old one, sans holes. So yay, progress! But, don’t hold your breath on an opening. Despite the latest news coverage, neither partner, real estate tycoon Joseph Chetrit nor Clipper Equity’s David Bistricer have commented publicly on the status of the project or if they have tapped a new operator to run the establishment.

Photo Credit: Martha Foley

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  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah, I doubt it is any sign of opening, just appeasing the Montague BID…

  • Banet

    But that they’re spending any money at all, providing any oversight over something like this means that somebody is paying attention and not going to let building completely go to hell.

  • Arch Stanton

    The only logical explanation, the Bossert is currently a tax shelter, might as well keep its profile as low as possible…

  • TeddyNYC

    That’s what I was thinking since it seems like they’re in no rush to open.


    Pigeons have already begun to express their appreciation of new awning.

  • Andrew Porter

    Pigeons roosting on balcony on second floor contributing guano to the front of the building haven’t been addressed at all, sigh…