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  • gc

    Where have all the worms gone?
    Just a few years back there would be dozens of them on the Promenade after any sort of a heavy rain.Today I walked the whole length of the Promenade and didn’t see a single one.

  • Arch Stanton

    Why, going fishing?

  • Heights Guy 77

    The worms and the rats have moved into the White House…

  • Andrew Porter

    I remember them from years past. I saw a robin eating one a couple of days ago, but not on the Promenade.

    Not this guy, though:

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Can we maybe go two seconds without insulting actual worms and rats?

  • S

    An important member of the Brooklyn Heights community could use our support right now. Hillary from Rocco & Jezebel was recently diagnosed with stage 4 non-smoking lung cancer that has metastasized. Her and her family have been so generous to our community, let’s give back to them when they now need it most. Here is a link to her Go Fund Me page to help cover medical costs.

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Thank you for posting this. I just stopped in to express support and was told that they are prepared to lose her at any minute.

  • EJ

    I just read a post on Hillary from the r&j instagram and it says that Hillary has passed away this evening. She was always so kind to my husband and I when we went in .

  • rss

    Such sad news. She was wonderful.

  • The Ghost of Al Smith

    The rats outside Pino have gotten out of control. I see them dart from the trash to the flowerbeds and back almost every single night.

  • Moni

    Thanks to Andrew Porter and Neighborhood for dentist recommendations. Very satisfied! Moshman docs and staff friendly & patient and newly refurbished office cheerful.

  • Moni

    What’s going on with the mess behind those stores at end of Montague? Why was the wall between them and the Church driveway knocked down?

  • The Ghost of Al Smith

    No one knows who took it down, apparently not even the landlord of the Pinto building. It’s a mystery.