Grand Canyon to Return to Montague Street

Those of you who, like me, miss Grand Canyon’s superb burgers are in for a treat. While the “Restaurant For Lease” sign remains above the former Armando’s site at 143 Montague (see photo by your correspondent taken this evening), the Commercial Observer reports that the restaurant’s owner, who kept open another Grand Canyon in Park Slope, has taken that space and will return to Montague. It will be right next door to Grand Canyon’s old location, now occupied by B.Good.

The one downside to this, although it was probably foreordained by Armando’s closing, is that we will lose the Armando’s sign with its iconic lobster, much loved by many, especially our beloved founder, John “Homer Fink” Loscalzo.

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  • brooklynbull

    Good news indeed – I didn’t realize how much I liked those burgers until they were no longer an option – ditto the breakfasts

  • Moni

    Do we really need another burger joint? I was hoping against hope that a real rstaurant would go into that prime space. Montague continues its decline into dullness.

  • Arch Stanton

    How do you define “real restaurant”?
    Grand Canyon is a pretty good diner offering a lot more than just burgers. I’d rather have that than another pseudo-highend ripoff joint that charges dearly for mediocre food and service.

  • Eddyde

    I was at their Park Slope location the other day, decent quality food, It would be good to have them back on Montague.