Open Thread Wednesday

What’s on your mind? Comment away! And happy Fourth of July.

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  • Roberto Gautier

    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden may be darkened with shadows of a six-tower development on its periphery. Does anyone know the status of the project, the positions of the Community Board and its elected representatives and the view of the BBG board?

  • Andrew Porter

    I asked the front desk of the St. George Tower, aka 111 Hicks Street, and they said the sidewalk shed that’s been up for either several years or forever (objective and subjective lengths of time) would be removed possibly by the end of July.

  • Andrew Porter

    I know the BBG is opposed, as are neighborhood groups. (Confession: I’m a BBG member.) There have been numerous articles about this, in the Eagle, the Brooklyn Paper, etc. Here’s the link to one:

    Here’s an earlier article about it in TheRealDeal:

  • Knight

    But they didn’t say THIS July, did they?!

  • Andrew Porter

    They said, “End of the month,” but of course didn’t specifically say what month, sigh…

  • Banet

    I asked. There will be planters or some such underneath to guard against hitting one’s head.