Never Mind the Bollards, Here Are The Local Landmarks

If local officials have their way, habitues of the Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park might need to watch where they’re going.

According to the Eagle, the city has been considering since last fall the installation of retractable bollards at entrances to the Park and the Promenade, spurred by the attack on the West Side walking path in Manhattan that killed eight people.

In a letter sent out June 13 but not publically shared until now, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams urged NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, Parks Department Commissioner Mitchell Silver and Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Polly Trottenberg to consider “specific locations in Brooklyn that are ripe for additional security measures.”

Borough president Eric Adams said that our local locations “should be considered for inclusion in the first round of bollard security investment.”

Adams is a former police officer.

There doesn’t seem to be a timeline or a firm plan in place yet, but it’s not surprising that such popular spots for locals and visitors would be among those receiving extra security attention.

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Photo: Shinya Suzuki via Flickr and Creative Commons.






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  • Jorale-man

    While they’re at it, how about replacing all of the crumbled paving stones on the Promenade? Parts of it are a real minefield and not exactly becoming of one of Brooklyn’s top destinations.

  • Rick

    If you’re going to use my photo, could you please give me photo credit?

  • Teresa Genaro

    Hi, Rick– I’m mortified that that photo is yours. It was part of the BHB library, and I assumed incorrectly that it was taken by a BHB writer. I’ve removed it. Thank you for letting me know. –Teresa

  • Teresa

    Hi, Rick. I’m mortified that I used your photo without permission. It was in the BHB library, and I assumed, obviously wrongly, that one of our writers had taken it. I’ve replaced it, and I apologize.

  • Rick

    Hi Teresa! The photo must have been in the library because BHB had posted about my photography a few years back, and I had provided some of my photos for the story.

    But no need to take it down! You have my permission to use it for this post if you’d like. Just please give a credit, and a link to

  • AEB

    Ha! There IS a god–albeit a fickle one.

  • Teresa

    Thanks, Rick. I’ll make the switch, and I’m also happy to pay you for the use of your photo.