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  • Teresa

    Historic James Weir florist has taken up residence in the old Ricky’s. Hope to write more about it here soon.


    ISO: (sublet) a parking spot (for a small car) in the Grace Church area, weekly (M-F) between the hours of 8am to 3pm, July 2nd – Aug. 31st.

  • Annanymouse

    Are they moving? Or opening 2nd location?

  • Teresa

    Dunno. Going to stop by and find out.

  • Sheila Kaplan

    Moving. I talked to them yesterday

  • Andrew Porter

    Until I signed in with Disqus and accepted the new terms, obviously because of the new European on-line privacy rules, I couldn’t post anything on the BHB. I wonder how many other would-be posters here are affected?

    Meanwhile, I noticed a TV ad for Depends undergarments was filmed on Middagh Street. Here’s a screenshot off my TV filmed between Willow and Hicks:

  • Andrew Porter

    To make comments in italics or boldface on Disqus, you have to put words and symbols before and after the type you want to emphasize. Here they are, with spaces added so they don’t become invisible:

    Italics: before the word, after.

    Bold: before, after.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I wonder if html works too? For example, Bold and italic. Yes, it does. (the symbols are “” and “” (without spaces inside the brackets)

  • Andrew Porter

    Delightful drilling last night on my block which started at 2:30am and continued on and off all night. Apparently a possible gas leak, because it was a National Grid truck just below my window.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Full video on this page. Brooklyn Bridge Park makes an appearance too :)