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  • evo34

    Can anyone recommend a good tailor for simple alterations to mens’ clothing? I’ve struck out so far, so wanted to see what others thought.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Never had luck in this neighborhood. I go to the Lower East Side. Express Tailor Shop 92 Rivington St

  • MaryT

    You might check the little shop on Henry between Clark and Pierrepont (closer to Clark). I’ve had several alterations and repairs done there, and done well.

  • MaryT

    Can anyone recommend a local hotel (other than the Marriott) for a visiting family of 6? Must be clean, comfortable, and not overly pricey.

  • School Search

    Anyone have experience with International Charter School of Brooklyn? I’m in the minority but I didn’t find PS 8 very warm on the tour. Maybe it was a bad first impression but I’d like to explore all options.

  • Michael Klein

    Have you tried Object Custom Tailors on Bond @ State? I’ve found them to be the best around.

  • Joey

    Just a reminder given that warmer weather is upon us. If your feet look like talons on a bird of prey that can swoop down and steal the cheesesteak from my hands than perhaps you should cover up your feet. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals. If you’re not sure ask someone. There really should be a permit required to wear open type of footwear. Many places are offering discount to clean up your corns. Just please spare us from having to see your disgusting feet. My two cents.

  • Jorale-man

    I think what’s worse is the prospect of seeing millennials’ giant tattoos again. Their skin will be a year older and the ink not any fresher looking.

  • Arch Stanton

    Or you can go to therapy and get over it.

  • Heightsfever

    LOL. Is this serious???

  • Harfr

    Hi everyone — I live in the neighborhood and after years without, am thinking about getting a car for occasional out-of-the-city trips. Any tips on parking? Are there neighborhoods around us (red hook?) where I can stash a car with relatively little hassle? Or a relatively inexpensive garage to recommend somewhere in Brooklyn? Thanks in advance!

  • Dw718

    Parking is a nightmare. I pay almost $400 a month to park over on Livingston so I have a 12 minute walk to add to the inconvenience of paying! Unless you have the ability to move your car on alternate side days, and have infinite patience to drive around on a Sunday night when returning from a weekend trip, I would suggest renting a car when you feel the need to get away. there is a new citi-bike but for cars- type of service coming to the Heights and that would be a good alternative

  • KXrVrii1

    I think you may mean for the new service, which is relatively new, but has only recently gotten some dedicated curb side parking spots in NY, along with Zipcar.

    One problem with car2go is that if those dedicated spots are full, you still have to find a legal parking spot – and it may be even worse, as you have to find a spot that will be legal for the 24 hours (that was the case when I first tried it, may have changed.)

    You also can only reserve 30 minutes in advance. They are trying to capture the short term market, not weekend trips.

    Zipcar has more dedicated parking in garages and you can reserve in advance. But when I used it (several years ago), weekends and vacation periods would get booked a fair amount in advance.

    PS – I finally gave up on Zipcar when I booked a car for a weekend trip, only to be greeted by the smell of vomit when I arrived…

  • Heightsman

    I find parking in the Northern Heights relatively easy. Been doing it for 18 years. Yes, sometimes you have to circle but after Love Lane garage closed I wasn’t about to walk far and I save $5,000+ a year in parking.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hard disagree. The tattoos look better and better with age. Remember the painting I did of my late neighbor Morty?

  • Bornhere

    When I got my first car, a breathtakingly adorable Plymouth Scamp, I parked at the Cadman Garage, in a single, dedicated space, for $69.00 per month. It was all so easy….

  • Bornhere

    The painting is wonderful — the newels/caps amaze me. I didn’t know your neighbor, but what a fine tribute.

  • redlola

    Nu hotel

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Thanks! He was a very interesting and generous guy, though I think his struggle with disease at the end of his life probably removed him from interacting with the neighborhood quite a bit. His friend Jimmy (left, AKA Big Jim) on the other hand had been a longtime fixture in the Heights.

    Anyway, I think tattoos age well and their democratization has been refreshing. To Jorale-man I’d say I’m more concerned with the quality of the art than the rate at which it appears or on whom.

  • Arch Stanton

    I find owning a car here is not as bad as some say or imagine. I can usually find a spot in 20 min or less. Yes, it can take up to an hour but those times are rare. I do know the rhythms of parking and best places to look, Unfortunately, I can’t teach you that, it’s something you’ll have to pick up on your own…

  • AEB

    Does anyone know what’s happening to/with 50 Hicks St., the red-brick building that’s just a few doors south of Middagh?

    I suddenly realized that its apartments are empty–and that the usual floral display in the “storefront” apartment window, on the ground floor, has been reduced to a single “bloom.”

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I think it largely depends on your weekly schedule. Those of us who don’t work a regular 9-5 outside of the neighborhood are at an advantage, as we have our pick during ASP times. I find that between the Heights and Dumbo it’s impossible not to find a spot within an hour, but the costs and benefits of owning a car should be weighed before making that decision.

  • KBells40

    A friend’s out-of-town family has stayed a few times at the new Hilton on Schermerhorn and report positive experiences.

  • Teresa

    I know several people who have stayed at the Hampton Inn on Tillary and been very happy with it.

  • LilL

    If you are going on weekend trips and returning Saturday or Sunday parking will be difficult in the heights. In the winter it may be better but there are is a lot of Brooklyn that drives to Brooklyn bridge park and parks in and around the neighborhood. There are also many people that drive to work early and park in bk heights who work in downtown Brooklyn so that adds to the stress of moving the car on alternate side days. I lived on Joralemon and Columbia Place and it was so difficult for us to find parking that we ended up parking a the garage at One Brooklyn bridge park – cost us about $330 dollars a month. We rationalized this cost because we own our car and have no car payments but I can imagine between a car payment, car insurance payment and parking you would be better off renting a car.

  • AbeLincoln

    Warm? What are you hoping for for NYC public schools?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I don’t think PS8 “tours well”. Reach out to the principal and see if you can come back to observe a class or several on your own. I did this and got a radically better impression that way. If it’s important to you, it’s worth your time to do this.

  • neighboronhicks

    Public records show the building as sold in late January and closing in March.

  • Banet

    I agree it doesn’t tour “well”. What I saw during my tour doesn’t jibe with the dozen smart, happy kids I know who go there.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    To say nothing of smart, happy parents who are more than pleased with their kids’ educational experience.