Update on Design/Build for BQE: Meeting Tomorrow Evening

As an update to our post below, reader Chris Bastian has alerted us to a meeting of the Brooklyn Heights Association’s Transportation Committee on Thursday evening, February 15, starting at 7:00, at 38 Sidney Place. The purpose of the meeting is

to prepare comments for the BQE Repair Scoping Meeting on Feb 27, and to discuss the State’s proposed Congestion Pricing strategy. All are welcome.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to cbastian@38sidney.com

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  • Roberto Gautier

    On February 15, Joe Lhota, head of the MTA, spoke at St. Francis College. I asked him to comment on the air quality in the subway system and specifically conditions in the High Street station. When I referred to the University of Toronoto study of Toronto’s and Montreal’s air quality, he answered “we clean more” in response to my question about the MTA’s action about poor air quality levels. Here’s a reference to the study-https://phys.org/news/2017-04-toronto-subways-expose-passengers-air.html, I didn’t get to ask this follow-up question: Why are diesel-powered “work trains” used in the NYC subways? If you have an air monitor app on your iPhone, you can do your own monitoring.