Open Thread Wednesday

What’s on your mind? Comment away! And happy Valentine’s Day.

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  • Cranberry Beret

    Here’s your Wednesday chuckle:

    At NYC’s Office of Emergency Management HQ (Cadman Plaza East), to the right of the entrance in front of Walt Whitman Park, sits one of these objects. It’s a fake rock designed to hide keys. Thank goodness our city’s most secure facilities are impenetrable!! LOL
    (This is a stock photo – I dare not take a picture of the real thing, lest I be hauled away for suspicious activity – but it’s there for the world to see.)

  • DIBS
  • StudioBrooklyn

    That WOULD be hilarious, but, um, is there any chance it’s the kind of fake rock that is meant to conceal a rat trap?

  • Chris Bastian

    The Brooklyn Heights Association Transportation Committee will meet tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 7 PM at 38 Sidney Place to prepare comments for the BQE Repair Scoping Meeting on Feb 27, and to discuss the State’s proposed Congestion Pricing strategy. All are welcome. RSVP to

  • Jeffrey Smith

    When they first proposed that they turn over the Red Cross bldn to be the OEM there WERE strong objections from several sane quarters due to the real danger placing such a sensitive target so close to the BH area. I along with several neighbors testified and approached elected officials. ” Put it somewhere like Kent avenue Afteror in some easily secured NON residential area. The BHA under the then leadership simply blew off our concerns.⚠️

  • Heights dude

    Look at you, ruining our fun with common sense…

  • Still Here

    TV recycling – Someone has left a large TV in front of our building for which we were ‘red-tagged’ by the Sanitation Dept. How do we dispose of it? 311 wasn’t much help.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Today is Ash Wednesday. Many churches in the BH area including Lower Manhattan are offering ashes. St Charles on Sidney place will have ashes at 12:10, 4:00 & 7:00. Assumption at 55 Cranberry will have ashes at 3:00 and 7:00 and St Boniface at 109 Willoughby 718 875 2096 will have ashes at 12:10, 12:20, 1:10 (check first) and 7:00

  • KBells40

    Sanitation has a pilot program for e-waste curbside pickup in North Brooklyn. In addition, not sure if your building would qualify, but there is an ecycle program for apartment buildings too:

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks, Chris. I’ve elevated this to a top post.

  • Reggie

    The outer door to NYCEM is staffed 24/7/365 by NYPD and is unlocked.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Show your Love!
    Hire a Wonderful Caregiver for Someone you’re Close to or for Yourself.

    A while back, when I was home recovering from surgery, a caregiver named Sharon took excellent care of me. She provided personal services e.g. assisting me with bathing, dressing, preparing meals and light housekeeping. She was a sunny companion who was in good spirits and nice to be around. If you would like more information, comment below or email me at

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Oh, the key idea is way funnier. But yeah. Sorry. 😐

  • KXrVrii1

    Anyone know the rules about when / how construction sites get protected parking spots?

    There are a good 4-5 spots blocked off on Pierrepont Place, in front of the renovations for the building at the corner of Pierrepont St and Pierrepont Place (former Brooklyn law school dorm being turned into high end condos).

    It often doesn’t seem used, and when used, often seems to include personal vehicles, and I doubt the goal of whatever permit they get is to help the workers with their parking.

  • Reggie

    There is a joke here but it is in bad taste and Dave sometimes takes exception to my comments even when I didn’t mean any offence, so never mind.

  • Diesel

    I for one Don’t dig the proselytization, man. Besides, who would want to soil this magnificent coat, Woof!

  • DIBS

    Not if it’s a good joke.

  • DIBS

    It’s a notice. Not proselytizing. But kudos for spelling it correctly. Most humans here couldn’t.

  • MaggieO

    I assume you’re talking about the orange “no parking, temporary construction” signs that sometimes go up near construction sites. i think the purpose is to protect the site and probably make material deliveries and whatnot more efficient.

  • Still Here

    Thanks for that. Scheduled a pick up.

  • bpelle

    So Harvey Weinstein, Matt Laur and Woody Allen walk into a bar…nevermind…

  • bpelle

    How does the non-human population fare?

  • Andrew Porter

    From the BHA:

    DOT will initiate a 2-year pilot program this spring by devoting 10 on-street carsharing parking spaces in Brooklyn Heights.

    In the Heights, there will be five two-car parking locations at:

    • Pierrepont and Columbia Heights
    • Pineapple and Columbia Heights
    • Hicks near Remsen
    • Clinton near Schermerhorn
    • Clinton near Atlantic Avenue

    DOT will install signs at these locations and NYPD will ticket and tow private cars that park illegally in those spots. CSOs can also relocate illegally-parked cars within a ½ mile radius and will be responsible for cleaning these spots.

    The BHA and CB 2 endorsed the pilot program after careful review. BHA’s support was contingent on DOT providing data on the availability of vacant car share spaces during the pilot program and additional information on how DOT will evaluate the pilot. The BHA will monitor the pilot program as they receive information from DOT.

  • Andrew Porter

    Brace yourselves: I think this is the last Old BH Postcard I have to post (except I may already have done so). It’s the Post Office and Eagle Building behind it on Washington Street (now Cadman Plaza East):

  • Jeff reasonable questions Smit

    What is this?…DOT gets to place anything it wants to with little or no communication ity input? Who decided (besides Saint Cuomo) that DOT should have that power? No neighborhood notice? Not even a comment period? (Before they do something anyway) Really? And are there any limits on what they are allowed to do? Hey Albany, play with someone else’s enviornment…

  • well, ykwhthis…

    And did the #$@&!* BHA AGREE to any of this? With friends like that…..

  • Diesel

    Do you have the copyright permission to publish that picture of a fake rock?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My copyright permission is disguised as a fake copyright permission.

  • Reggie

    The program was announced in 2009. DOT presented to the affected community boards, created an online feedback system, and presented the results again to the community boards in three boroughs. The ability to make plans for the city streets is vested with the DOT commissioner in the New York City Charter.

  • Reggie

    Always fun when Jeffrey has a conversation with himself under different screen names.