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  • DIBS
  • lois

    At 10:30 pm, on Montague Street near Henry, I was attacked and bitten by a huge muzzled white pyrenees dog being walked by a woman who clearly had no control of this dog. Altho I was about 25 feet away from this dog, he lunged at me and actually bit into my arm. If I had not had such a thick coat on, this would have been even more serious than it was. Since this woman does not have the strength to control her dog, she must learn how to control the dog in a different manner – through training!

  • Reggie

    Since you commented, Dave, we have gone from 3-5″ to 5-8″, which might be enough to paralyze even fearless New Yorkers.

  • Blake Stevens

    I hope you are planning to litigate as otherwise people like her just reoffend. Hope you are ok.

  • SongBirdNYC

    The DOE has cancelled school for tomorrow: “Notification issued 1/3/18 at 7:07 PM. Due to the winter storm, the New York City Department of Education has announced that all public schools will be closed tomorrow, 1/4. Student after school activities and PSAL games are canceled and all yellow bus service is suspended. Call 311 if you have any questions. For additional information, please visit:”

  • Jorale-man

    I was at the Montague St. Key Food at 5pm, where the lines were quite long but supplies seemed generally fine. I just wish they’d make the self-bagging stations there a little less glitchy – requiring a worker to come and override the computer every time you don’t follow the produce entry-code steps to the exact letter is rather annoying.

  • jim

    Please do. Maybe it can be put down? I’ve seen that thing around — disturbing to know it’s violent.

  • Banet

    Pretty scary considering how many children and toddlers there are in the neighborhood. Obviously it’s up to parents (myself included) to keep our children from antagonizing dogs but not every minute of every child can be monitored and the benign actions of a 3 year old may seem threatening to a dog.

    Lois, any inkling as to why the dog went after you in particular?

  • Dog Kebob

    I would walk around with a razor sharp umbrella and skewer that mutt if I saw it. Most of the dog people are selfish jerks in this area and have no problem letting them crap right at the foot of peoples stoops. That dog would be missing an eye if it came near me.

  • Dalvec

    What is the best bagel place in Brooklyn Heights?

  • doggiedeathpanel

    I’m quite serious – If reported to the police, could the dog be dealt with? Please do so for the safety of children in the neighborhood.

  • cool

    None compete for city-wide honors. But I think Montague, under what I believe is new management, does a good job of serving a warm fresh bagel on the weekends (which is half the battle).

  • Claude Scales


  • Oswald

    Yesterday I noticed that the Subway “restaurant” on Montague street closed permanently. Apparently they didn’t have a permit.

    I will be very sad if they open yet another real estate office.

  • Arch Stanton

    It closed nearly a month ago. They did have a permit as there is an inspection record and they had an “A” rating before being shut down by the Department Of Health. Another weird thing about this, the owner was out front of the place, all day, every day for weeks after it was closed? I asked him if everything was alright, he said “yes”…

  • Diesel

    Sorry Lois, I hope you are okay. I mistook you as a threat to my “human mom”, sometimes I get it wrong. my sincerest apologies.
    I was bread by the “humans” as a livestock guardian dog, to roam the Pyrenees Mountains to be independent, feed and take care of myself while protecting my flock.
    Alas, I was born in a puppy mill down in Kentucky, the “human” who ran it didn’t like my attitude (hey, I was pissed the way he enslaved my canine mom and dad) so he dropped me off at a shelter (probably hoping they’d do me in). Fortunately, some kind humans rescued me, brought me north and found me a forever home with my current human mom and dad. They love me very much and have spent many thousands of dollars attempting to train me and on canine phycologists. I try to be good but I sometimes have conflicts with my instincts. My humans are currently getting me new medications I hope it will help me.

  • Diesel

    Geer- threatening violence is a tos violation!

  • Dog Kebob

    Self defense is a right of every human I refuse to be bit by a freaken animal in NYC. If i wanted to harm it there are other ways to acheive that. Let the dog bite you or your kids. I carry mace as I have been bit by dogs before. Its unpleasant getting rabies shots when thr mutt and the owner dissappear

  • lois

    I am a short, slight, young woman who was 25 feet from you when you lunged at me. I don’t see how you could have considered me to be a threat. I am very familiar with dog behavior. I was far enough away from you, but kept walking casually by you and your owner – I did not approach you. I guess the reason you were being walked at that location at such a late hour is that your owner knows your behaviors patterns. I hope your training and and your owner’s training helps your behavior to improve – otherwise, perhaps the crowded city is not the right place for you.

  • DIBS

    Which begs the question: How can they predict the levels of the sea and other factors due to global warming out 50, 100 years but they can’t get the forecast right over the course of a few days to a week or two???

    Asking for a friend.

  • Reggie

    One is much more of a generalized calculation but I think that you misread my comment so your response is really an entire changing of the subject.

  • Reggie

    What I still don’t understand is how a muzzled dog can bite anyone. I thought a muzzle kept a dog’s mouth closed. I was going to just let this question pass but since this topic has blossomed, I guess I will ask.

  • Heights Guy77

    Get the aluminum foil hats on, ladies and gentlemen!!!

  • DIBS

    Maybe it was too logical for you.

  • William

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • William

    You don’t need a canine phycologist, you need an owner who is a pack leader. I bet you “lead” your owner on walks instead of your owner leading you. Only unfulfilled dogs attack humans (attacking another dog is another story). I see this all the time… dogs who rule the roost and owners who make excuses for them instead of being responsible dog owners. The saddest part is the dog suffers an unbalanced life because their owner doesn’t know any better.

  • Reggie

    Huh? I know from the Brownstoner days that you can be a complete arse. Is that what is happening now? It’s hard to tell from the flattening of tone.

  • doggiedeathpanel

    Could people stop replying in character to an owner anthropomorphizing their violent dog? Do us all a favor and have it destroyed.

  • Eddyde

    There are terabytes of information available on this subject, that can explain it in depth, if you truly want to enlighten yourself on the subject. But to give you a brief simple answer: The daily weather forecasts are driven by many, highly dynamic, variables, thus not easy to predict with certainty. Climate change is a much slower process with fewer, easier to quantify, variables, thus more accurate to predict. The proof is, the past predictions are being verified by current conditions, thus are almost certain to continue on the same path. Unfortunately, we are now seeing some of the worst of those predictions coming to fruition.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I go to La Bagel Delight on Court (or Front St in Dumbo). Pretty decent. Montague St Bagels used to be a good old-fashioned all-night NYC bagelry but that changed with new owners a few years ago and I’ve been unimpressed ever since. Last time there was last fall. Would be happy to hear if they have yet newer owners who have improved the situation.