Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity

Once again, this coming weekend — 10:45 PM Friday, November 17 to 5:00 AM Monday, November 20 — apart from the absence all weekend of 2 and 3 train service (meaning no service at Clark Street or on the 2/3 platforms at Borough Hall), which will be a fact of life every weekend until sometime next summer, there are no other planned service changes negatively affecting nearby stations. As usual during the absence of 2/3 service, 4 and 5 (5 trains don’t usually serve Brooklyn on weekends) will provide alternate service to and into Brooklyn.

The following work week, late nights (from 9:45 PM to 5:00 AM) Monday, November 20 to Wednesday, November 22 (we’ll tell you about the long Thanksgiving holiday and weekend later), there will be no 4 train service in either direction between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but 2 and 3 trains will be running and 3 trains will make all 4 stops in Brooklyn.

For planned service changes that may affect travel on other parts of the system, either during the weekend or the following week, and for unplanned disruptions, see MTA Info.

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  • Jorale-man

    If you haven’t yet read it, spend time this weekend with the NY Times’s major investigative piece on the subway system. It’s depressing reading, but essential to understanding how things got so bad (and will make you think twice about going into Manhattan unless you really need to):

  • Claude Scales

    I read it. It’s a superb piece of investigative journalism and, as you said, very depressing.