Heights Residents May Be Eligible For Assistance Under “Zadroga Act”

The Eagle reports that “health and education officials” are trying to publicize the availability of “medical treatment and financial compensation” under the Federal “Zadroga Act” for people who have suffered severe illness because of exposure to toxins following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. There’s more information here. Although the linked NYC website says benefits are available to those who were in lower Manhattan at the time, Brooklyn Heights is also an area considered to have been affected.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress.

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  • ykwhthis….

    Every Heights resident need careful testing and treatment. And that’s up to YOU to make sure you get. Always pull a complete marker screening at the very least every 9 months. Unfortunately, the best NON Govt labs and testing is out of pocket and through a lab which is specialized in the testing you really need. There is then a quickly mounting body of desease prevention methods. Prevention is 75% + of survival. There are several organizations which appear to be fighting for people exposed; The Feal Good Foundation 44 Shenandoah Blvd Nesconset NY 11767 (617) 724 3320. feal13@aol.com was one of the prime movers to get zadroga passed and are very active.

    Remember though, NYC and various federal agencies periodically advertise that testing and treatment is available to 911 exposure victims. But they never say they offer PROPER or EFFECTIVE testing and treatment. That you have to make sure you get for yourself. Good luck everyone💀

    (BTW my office was at 170 Bway at Maiden Ln and I saw the whole show that day and it’s wonderful aftermath, so…..)