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  • Charlie

    This house drives me crazy. I live just up the block. I am convinced it is a money laundering scam for it to be taking 5 years to complete this renovation. The number of times ConEd has torn up the street in front of this house, causing noise pollution and the entire block to be closed… I am at wit’s end. Disgusting, selfish neighbors whom I cannot wait to UNwelcome to the neighborhood.

  • brooklynbull

    Also – the food, which used to merely mediocre, is now truly awful. Went twice due to severe hunger and bad weather – thought the first bad meal was maybe a fluke, but no – the second was worse.

  • Andrew Porter

    I don’t know what’s going on with the Clinton/Schermerhorn place. It’s been open to the elements all this time, which surely isn’t good for the interior or structure. But I’ve never actually gone over and looked at the permits.

  • MaggieO

    This one troubles me too. It has a whole bunch of active permits, some for renovation to a multi-family building and some for changing it to single family. They also have a permit for a sidewalk fence, which obviously hasn’t been erected. Not sure exactly what’s happening there…

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  • Love Laner

    Does anyone have any Chinese delivery/take-out recommendations that are somewhat nearby? We used to get takeout from Charlie Mom in the city but that closed and we haven’t found a decent replacement since.

    We also haven’t tried Lichee Nut in years. Has it improved?

  • B.

    Windows open to the elements: That’s the way to get a house condemned so that you can tear it down and build what you want despite the vernacular architecture in a particular area. You see that stuff also in Flatbush: Queen Annes with open windows for two years, just waiting to come down.

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s obvious you know very little about the Heights and Landmarks rules. Nothing new can be built here taller than 50 feet; the building probably already exceeds that height.

    I spoke to the architectural firm in question, and there’s apparently some dispute with the owners. They are no longer involved in the renovation.