SOB Presents Mahler’s “Titan” at St. Ann Saturday Evening.

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) was an Austrian composer who is regarded as the last great symphonist in the Germanic tradition. He was born to a Jewish family, but converted to Roman Catholicism in order to accept an appointment from the Austro-Hungarian Emperor. His work was highly syncretic, incorporating themes from many musical traditions. The third movement of his first (“Titan”) symphony incorporates klezmer themes.

On this Saturday evening, November 18, starting at 8:00, at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, Clinton and Montague streets (use the Clinton Street entrance), the String Orchestra of Brooklyn (the “SOB”; they love their acronym) will perform Mahler’s First Symphony. Tickets are $15, or $10 for seniors or students. You may buy tickets here (there’s a service charge for purchases on line) or at the door.

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  • Jorale-man

    Mahler was really an Austrian composer (he was born in Bohemia, then part of the Austrian Empire). But it’s true he wrote music in the Germanic tradition. Sorry, the classical music nerd in me had to point that out.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks. I’ve revised my post to reflect this.