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  • Andrew Porter

    So you’re saying there’s no more police protection here? Got any proof to back up your statement?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    First, police protection is present but this protection never functions well without vigerious community support and involvement. Period. Otherwise the protection levels are greatly less than what they can and should be. But even more recent arrivers in the Heights, should understand that the pressure to protect the Heights is a unique and highly valuable community that police plaza once felt, say when a high percentage of the Lindsay administration middle and some upper management lived here, has now vanished. Imagine someone even seriously proposing something like BBP prior to 1985 or certainly 1980. They would have been vaporized…just look at the sharp decline of the BHA as an influence. So do you really think the safety/security levels are the same as 20 years ago? Really?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Jeff, I recognize your desire to deflect attention away from your suspected views. I sense that you’re aware of how unacceptable they are, or of how incompatible they are with contemporary American society.

    The sad truth is that violent crimes are a fact of life, especially in cities with growing class/wealth divides. Meanwhile we still live in one of the safest neighborhoods in the five boroughs (I would challenge your assertion that there is a mounting crime wave; you lack the evidence to support this claim). I wonder whether your interest in crime prevention would be directed similarly if you lived in East New York or Canarsie.

    The remaining anomaly, as I and many others see it, is the possibility that we have a neighbor who actually wants some of us dead or pushed out of society (and by “us” I very purposefully mean to invoke the collective voice: a prejudiced attitude toward any neighbor is a prejudiced attitude toward all of the rest of us).

    We’re waiting for you to put our fears to rest. Are you a neighbor and friend to all of us, or do you think you can pick and choose according to what we look like or who our parents were?

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow, the Trumpian “but-what-about”ism, as John Oliver recently talked about, is at work here.

    By saying, “do you really think the safety/security levels are the same as 20 years ago,” you’ve moved the goalposts.

    I won’t play your game.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    My purpose is to provide a realistic reference point to view our actual present situation, which, like the rest of the city is not getting better. Anyone can play word and specious arguments games, but the reality is our security future is very uncertain. Think of how the atmosphere in this city changed in the months after the election of Major G and consider what has happened in the last few months. For both internal and external reasons the Heights’ security is at least questionable and given recent incidents, alarming.

  • Arch Stanton

    Man you’re one seriously chicken$hit mofo…

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Mr moderator, is this what belongs on this forum? This kind of behavior? Does this properly “represent” a community like the Heights?

  • Arch Stanton

    And a big crybaby, SMH.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Just one more sneering well… Eskimo. That finally and completely summarizes this poster.