Open Thread Wednesday

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  • ykwthis

    How about this: does anyone remember Boro Hall camera on Joralemon St or “The Cabin” which I think later became Williams sporting goods at like 105 to 115 Court? It had a Big dark red sign?
    What else?

    Yeah! does anyone remember
    Minures and its really nice housewares on Montague? That’s more recent the other two.

    Here’s a hard one. One of our Neighbors on Remsen in the 50’s was the chef of medicine at something called the the “Swedish Hospital” which was somewhere in central Brooklyn.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve bought postcards of all these, and have posted the Palm here. But you have to go to the show to buy anything. I am no longer buying postcards.

  • Andrew Porter

    Boro Photo was on Montague, first on the south, later the north side.

  • ykwthis…

    No! in the 50’s and sixties till at least ’67 Boro Photo was on the north side of Joralemon nearer
    Clinton St

    So was the Rendezvous restaurant. Both were there
    for YEARS!

  • Arch Stanton

    Beware, your post looks like a TOS violation!

  • Cranberry Beret

    Uh oh, looks like someone at 59 Middagh Street got a little too trigger-happy with the wrecking ball:

  • Clarksy

    What a large, and lovely, building to be demolished! Do you know what year it came down?

  • Bornhere

    Boro Photo (Montague, Allan Kaufer) and Boro Hall were not the same businesses.

  • Ykwthis

    What a sick joke…$25 K fine for what they did? It’s true, this guy is a total NGO type with a far left cover story. From day one he’s been the Mayor for a certain sector of the financial community who wants to write paper on real estate…that and the flood of foreign and domestic speculators in nyc real estate is the real cause of outrages like this….

  • B.

    My aunt, who would have turned 99 this year, was born on Sands Street.

  • B.

    I remember Minures.

  • Ebenezer

    I saw this photo at a BHS exhibit. The street sign says Henry, but I cannot place it. Any idea?