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  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone know why Henry St will be closed on 10/17+10/18 between Clark and Love Ln?

  • Andrew Porter

    Grooving and repaving, or maybe new sewer/water/cable TV stuff. Or maybe, “Time for some traffic problems in Bklyn Heights?”

  • Andrew Porter

    Time for more BH postcards. This is the Sands Street Memorial Church, whose congregation built this after their own church was demolished during the construction of the Manhattan Bridge and Flatbush Avenue Extension. Really gorgeous, wasn’t it? Wonderful corner entrance and towers.

    Demolished after the congregation moved away/died off; replaced by the Deco apartment building in whose first floor is the Clark Street restaurant:

  • Cranberry Beret

    To the person asking about the handmade signs announcing no parking on Columbia Heights — you can blame this guy — he’s the one from the construction company going around putting up the signs and on windshields

  • mac

    I figured as much. called 311 yesterday about the signs. Someone took it upon themselves to tear them all down at some point yesterday. Temporary reprieve ….this morning the same block of Columbia Heights is now plastered with no parking signs for a movie shoot…no parking from 4am Wed 11 (?) thru Thurs 12 evening. Sort of suspect lol…

  • Andrew Porter
  • ykwthis

    Has anyone noticed that the wonderful TA has NEVER comple-
    ted/made operational, the emergency stations along the Court St R station. Not on the platform and not at the lower run of the elevators below Clinton and Montague? So if you have any kind of emergency or you want to summon EMS/Fire (or you are so un-PC to summon the police) you have no way to do it. The pay phones are gone, and the apparent assumption is that everyone A) has a cell phone and B) cell phones ALWAYS work in the station…

    If you want to call for help, the only way is to run up to the elevator landing and try to use the elevator to booth com system and rely on the basically disinterested genius at the booth to a) actually call the emergency service you need and b) convey the full, right message of what is occurring to the emergency service needed. Or run up to the street and use a pay pjhone or your cell which prob now works.

    Anyone who has tried to use the elevator to both system know the grim outlook for fast proper service through a system which was fatally flawed when it was put in let alone now….

  • ykwthis….

    All of which raises some basic questions;
    1) with all the tons of taxes the Heights, even
    with all the Trusts here, pays why cant we get
    the very basic safety services that many other
    neighborhoods get.
    2) They have the time and funds to now install
    with great fanfare, train arrival screens and
    dozens of cameras, (count the new cameras
    folks its like 25!) so why not a simple button
    for a serious emergency?
    3) Why are key community watchdogs like the
    local press and especially the darling BHA
    silent/ineffective on something as glaring as

  • Cranberry Beret

    Thanks. I have no idea why disqus rotated it.

  • StevoNYC

    The Curse of 132 Montague. Seems like it’s back to Taperia.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’ve discovered that this happens with mobile uploads exclusively. I’ve also discovered that if you crop the image first using whatever editing capabilities your phone has, the image doesn’t automatically rotate. Disqus is buggy. But as Andrew knows, I like to blame my phone’s predilection for drunkenness.

    Also, does anyone have any idea whether it’s pronounced “discuss”? Because I keep wanting to pronounce it “discus”, like the Olympic sport.

  • MaryT

    I’m not surprised. We’ve become a back lot and are now answerable to the studios, it seems. Huge tractor trailers v. the old, funky little trucks – more like a depot than a shoot. Idling at all hours. Dozens of parking spots gone for days. Cui bono? Not us..

  • mac

    Well that didn’t take long. Yesterday evening walking by this same block and all of the filming no parking signs were removed. Iol

  • Cranberry Beret

    Lost Cat Alert!
    See flyer below – cat named Margaret – I think she was lost this morning (Thursday 10/12)

  • Moni T

    Not a single one of the restaurant operations seemed to know what they were doing. All deserved to fail. The first tapas joint was lousy; maybe this current one will be better. I think the owner of Buon Gusto has something to do with all these iterations.

  • Andrew Porter

    My iMac’s Dictionary sez it’s pronounced “Discuss.” History here:

    “Disqus was first developed in the summer of 2007 as a Y Combinator startup headed by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan, who were undergraduates at UC/Davis. Disqus was first incorporated and launched on October 30, 2007.

    “According to a study by Lijit, Disqus was used by 75% of websites in March 2011 who used a third-party commenting or discussion system.”

  • Claude Scales

    I’m sorry the Argentine steak restaurant failed. My wife, a friend and I had a platter for three with more delicious steak, sausage, and sides than we could finish for $70, wine (excellent Argentinian Malbec) not included. On a few evenings when my wife was away, I sat at the bar and had sausage or empanada and salad, with beer, all very good, for a modest price.

  • mac

    agreed! sorry to see La Barrita bite the dust. We enjoyed it on several occasions. was it perfect? no…was it consistent and a welcome option in the neighborhood? absolutely !

  • mac

    The mystery parking lot signs that appeared a couple of weeks back on the Orange St entrance to 97 Columbia Hts have been removed. Thought it was odd that landmarks would allow the signs in the first place. The company on the sign is impossible to locate online, and their “website” has a fake phone # and an inactive email address. Interesting.

  • mac
  • Cranberry Beret

    Interesting. Not a movie shoot? All those former Witnesses buildings are going rental so not surprising they’d start public parking. Besides 97 Columbia Heights which I believe already has a parking garage, both 107 CH and 128 CH are building underground garages. Get ready for more car traffic in the north heights!

  • Arch Stanton

    That’s completely wrong, Disqus was up and running by 1970 shortly after Al Gore invented the internet…

  • CHatter

    More price competition for the parking at 75 Henry would be welcome.

  • gc

    Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise is docked at Pier 6. They will be having tours today (Saturday) and tomorrow from 10-6. There’s also mention of a 7PM concert one of those two nights. Not sure of the details on the concert.

  • Dhaka

    Quoted directly from wikipedia. Weak on the effort.

  • Banet

    It started great. We had two amazing meals there in their first month. And then it PLUMMETED downhill. We had 3 unbelievably mediocre meals in a row over the course of their last few months. Sadly, just terrible, terrible experiences. :-/

  • Andrew Porter

    I talked to the BHA about the similar signs on 133 Columbia Heights, and they got the signs removed. The building’s new owners never checked to see if Landmarks allowed them.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    If anyone wants to buy postcards including the ones I’ve posted here, the Fall 2017 Intl Postcard Show is at the Watson Hotel (formerly the Midtown Holiday Inn), 440 West 57th Street, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 3-4, noon-7pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday.

    Admission $7, both days $9. Bring cash. Lots of tables with dealers in postcards, ephemera. More info at:

  • ykwthis…

    I wonder, if there are any photos of the Palm Hotel then at 82 Pierrepont. Or the Henry Hotel at 6 Henry or the hotel touraine at 23 Clinton nearby, I remember when in its declining days in the 70’s the Franklin Arms has some, well, unmentionable type dancers (visible from the street with some craft!!) in their bar….anyway, any pictures avail of some of the lesser hotels in the Heights?