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  • Jorale-man

    Ugh. The Barclay’s Center area is the worst. I always avoid it, even if I’m going to BAM…

  • Kathleen

    No! Do you?

  • Banet

    Literally only 1 of the ~22 children on the list got in. A good number ended up being removed from the list because they ended up going to private schools or moved away but apparently just as many, if not more, new children moved to the neighborhood and we’re added to the list.

    Yes, as the years pass Dumbo siblings will no longer be attending and will free up space but with the Standish and the building overlooking the Pierrepont playground going condo and massive new rentals coming online on Remsen across from St. Francis and on Montague/Pierrepont next to Chipotle… I think a wait list is the new normal. :-(

  • DIBS

    David Fainkich 917-376-1588.

  • Arch Stanton

    The number to access all city agencies is 311

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Could not disagree more. I went to soft opening last weekend and even at half price I though food was tasteless. We had an assortment of sushi (less than mediocre), chicken (tasteless), lamb chops (unsatisfactory), scallops (undercooked). The asparagus was very good and we liked the wine. I paid half price as well still dissatisfied. They even delivered all our dishes twice. Hehe.

  • Still Here

    This is not a joke. He appears after 11:00 around the AT White Center who’s late night members have reported him to the police who believes he is a local.

  • Heightsman

    But when you go to soft opening you gotta know they’re not going to have their s* together.

  • Dw718

    there was a helicopter hovering around 6 am this morning also

  • gc


  • gc

    Lots of “new normals” in the Heights. Almost none of them good.

  • Harold T

    The Buildings Dept emergency task force called the B.E.S.T. Team, is located on Plymouth St about 190, Thier Ph # is 212 669 7043.

    The general Bldns dept line is 212 556 3966. But thier PRESS relations is 212 566 3473, 3506
    I would also call thier press dept and say that your building shows signs of instability, cracks getting worse vibrations etc and the dept hasnt done anything so I’m now going to the press. And I WOULD deff call the press Mary Frost; mary@ mark your e mail urgent! The BE gen # is 718 4227400 say there is an apparent breaking story and relate what you said here.. The Bklyn Paper/CNG person for BH is Lauren Gill 718 260 2500 ext 2511.
    Yell your #@$%&* head off about something like this.

  • Harold T

    Just for the record, Kenny is NOT alone in what he is saying. Several others at various locations in the Heights have reported serious unexplained vibrations in their buildings at late hours.

    And all the types here who are telling to call the endless and pointless, revolving wailing wall at 3-11 are not exactly being any help to you.

  • Andrew Porter

    I talked to a guy marking up Cadman Plaza West in front of the former library, and 300 Cadman Plaza West. They’re going to be replacing the sewer line under the street. That should really screw up traffic!

  • Andrew Porter

    Today I noticed one of the trees next to the Harry Chapin Playground at the corner of Col. Hgts and Middagh was cut down, and there’s a “Tree Removal” sign that another big tree on the block will be cut down on Monday, the 25th.

  • ykwthis…

    Yes, but that new normal isn’t generating the outcry which would limit some of this nonsense.

    First of all, you have to understand that BH has now apparently been placed under the “Iron Ring” area of security that covers Lower Manhattan.
    There ARE a lot of legitimate concerns: Anyone firing a destructive device at Manhattan from the Promenade or a roof top in BH has to be a major concern.
    Secondly, anyone placing a device anywhere on the first block from the water would certainly destroy or gravely damage the 278 drive under the promenade. Think of what that would cause, So there’s no getting around it. The Heights IS a major target or staging area. As such it has been placed under the security net we are observing. Naturally, no agency of govt is going to be open and honest about this. They just want you quiet and paying taxes (and huge rents) to live in a target community.

    There’s a REASON guys that many of the key figures in the Heights may still have a building here, but they are now in the Laurentians or in the Cook Islands or GKW…

  • Andrew Porter

    Extensive photo coverage of August 17th’s Brooklyn Book Festival is here, on the Publishers Weekly site:

    Estimated turnout was 45,000.

  • bklyn20

    1, In the early to middle of the 2000s Willowtown and its neighbors did a study on the vibrations. With the help of our legislators, the vibrations diminished – I.e., the crystal didn’t jingle so much.

    2. I have seen the naked runner around Willowtown, but not for a long time ago and very late at night.

    3. Yes, the Commander Barry pool is clean and well run. No fancy wristbands, either.