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  • Kit

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a podiatrist in the neighborhood. Thanks in advance.

  • CHatter

    Had dinner last night at Sugarcane, the new restaurant in Empire Stores next to the St Ann’s Warehouse theater. I’m neither a foodie nor a cartographer, so perhaps underqualified to make this assessment, but I will anyway: if you read this blog regularly, then it’s the best restaurant anywhere close to where you live.

  • Annoyed

    Anyone have any information on
    all the construction on Hicks Street and when it will end? They were working all through night on Monday.

  • Claude Scales
  • gc

    It’s everywhere.When will any of this construction end???
    Sadly, it would appear, no time soon.
    Anyone who moved to the Heights for the relative peace and quiet is totally f**cked!!!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Ha! That’s a great review.

  • Andrew Porter

    Trepal and Jules, 300 Cadman Plaza West, 17th floor:

    Really great views from the office, too!

  • Andrew Porter

    They’ve replaced water and sewer pipes, and there is also Con Edison and Fios construction, throughout the Heights of late.

    The old joke is, “NYC will be so nice when they finish building it.”

  • Andrew Porter

    Wednesday brings more Old Postcard views. Don’t think this one ran before. Here’s the Old Post Office, viewed from the corner of Johnson and Washington (now Cadman Plaza East) Streets. I have several more from this location, showing the evolution of this building:

  • Jorale-man

    They’ve made a real mess of State Street and some of the sidewalks around Henry. I hope they properly repave them, beyond the ugly patches they’ve done until this point.

  • kenny

    I live on Henry Street between Joralemon and State. In the past year I have noticed that the subway vibrations in my apartment have steadily increased. In the past 2 months they have increased to an EXTREME degree, to the point where my stove and bed shake with every passing train. I assume it’s the 4/5 train running along Joralemon that causes this? But why would it be getting worse? The vibrations are slowly driving me insane and I’m concerned they will continue to get worse. Anyone on this block or near it experiencing the same thing? Any ideas why it’s worsening? I live on the third floor of my building so I can only imagine what the ground level apartments are feeling…

  • Love Laner

    I’m not sure why it would be worsening (I mean…hopefully nothing to do with the structural integrity of your building?) but I wonder if anyone has ideas on how to mitigate the vibrations on your end? Maybe rubber tips for chair legs/bed legs? Or a rug?

  • gc

    Can anyone recommend a good estate lawyer?

  • Harold T

    First of all, approach your neighbors, find what they are feeling and if they will join you in a complaint to your landlord. Second approach your landlord hopefully without the barrier of some management firm. Third, yell to local office holders via phone AND in writing. The buildings dept has an emergency response team. I can give you the number if you want.

  • Faith

    Does anyone know if there is a new owner of the laundry/dry cleaner at 74 Henry Street?

  • Heightsman

    Menu looks great. They have locations in Miami and Las Vegas. Naturally DUMBO fits into the picture ;)

  • KaraBK

    Does anyone know the confrontational man who lives at 68 Montague? About 50, black hair, always smoking outside and occasionally lashing out at people who pass. He’s been very aggressive on several occasions.

  • Still Here

    Does anyone know about the ‘Late Night Naked Man’ who periodically visits WillowTown?

  • MaggieO

    Anyone else watch that helicopter hovering over downtown Brooklyn last night for a half hour? Any ideas what that was about?

  • MaggieO

    to answer my own question – could have been related to this:

  • WorriedDad

    Anyone have details regarding how the PS8 waitlist situation resolved for folks in the zone? Did everyone on the Zoned Capped list eventually get offered a spot? if not any idea how many did not get a seat. Concerned father of toddler thinking about the future.

  • Guest
  • TeddyNYC

    The new normal in the Heights with all of the new construction going on and the corresponding increase in traffic congestion/noise.

  • Arch Stanton

    The sewer partially collapsed, so repairs need to be made in earnest.

  • Bornhere

    I grew up on Clark and Willow, and only on rare occasions would I be aware of the IRT; I have lived on Joralemon and Henry (first floor) for almost 35 years, and the rumblings and actual noise from the Lex are worse than ever. I am often oblivious to the comings and goings, but straightening paintings and rearranging things on tables or in the breakfront are routine — I even have sound-reducing/anchoring products on shelves to keep crystal glasses from “migrating.” I do think the vibrations have increased greatly over the past several years and sometimes are so noticeable that conversation stops in a “My Sister, Eileen” sort of way. I sent an e-mail to the MTA a couple of years ago, but nothing was resolved. The fact that some trains are significantly more audible and “sensational” (and they can’t all be the heavier work trains, especially during the day) than others makes me think that there ARE things that can be done to help control the vibrations. I often wonder about the integrity of my building, but I am quickly distracted by the wondrous sounds of the crowds coming or going to the Park, so my fretting is pretty scattered :)

  • kenny

    Hi Harold, yes if you could please share the number that would be super helpful. I need to reach my landlord. There is no management firm to get through so that’s a positive at least. Thanks so much

  • kenny

    Ah was hoping to avoid those. Was hoping the vibrations would one day magically disappear LOL! But yes better to be proactive. Thank you for the ideas

  • kenny

    Yikes bornhere, I’m so sorry. I can only imagine how bad it could get closer to Joralemon and on the first floor no less. My nerves are on edge over these past couple months from the constant noise. I really am considering moving. I will try a call to 311 and see if that achieves anything. Thanks for your reply!

  • Bornhere

    Kenny — If you get a response or suggestion, let us know! I must admit that I am really (almost) used to the rumblings at this point, but it still astounds friends….

  • cool

    This article suggests that most of the waitlist was a function of siblings in families living outside the district. So, that should improve over time.