“Police Emergency” Caused Helicopter Noise Tonight

Having heard the noise from the helicopter hovering for hours over the Downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights border, and having received complaints from readers, your correspondent called the 84th Precinct, and was told it was because of a “police emergency.” I asked if I could be told the nature of the emergency, and was told I may get a call back. If and when I do, I will update.

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  • Bornhere

    It appears that there was a break-in at the construction site on Clinton and Remsen. Two in custody and, it seems, some confusion about additional bad actors vs plain-clothes police on adjoining rooftops. Curious that the 84 wouldn’t just tell you, though.

  • ykwthis

    I proceeded to scene due to a call from an associate who may have had a scanner. It appears one of the perps/ crooks (I refuse to use any NWO speak) ran into a bldn on Montague the aviation unit (helicopters) was called, also apparently, they tried FLIR THEN just used their beam light while about two dozen police including detectives conducted a vertical search which after about 12 min. produced the perp. I saw him being walked out in bracelets…..good job guys!!!

  • Billy Beer


    This was apparently the last suspect taken away.

  • Jorale-man

    It seems like a lot of commotion for a simple break-in. What could they possible steal from a construction site that requires such a huge manhunt – a few power tools? I wonder if the suspects were linked to other crimes as well.

  • maria

    we were walking on clark toward henry around 8pm when a young man sprinted for his life past us (with a police car chasing him and cutting him off at x henry)…. in less than a minute there was a swarm of cars and about 15 officers on the scene (some plainclothes) the helicopter stayed in the air for about another 40 minutes- presumably looking for others.

  • ykwthis alright….

    This is amazing yupoid/millenial nonthinking.

    EVERYTHING which ha opened with this response is Nothing but Good for this community. The massive response did two things: first it routed out the peeps. But it ALSO did something which is FAR, FAR more important….it sent a MAJOR message to the street that if you do any nonsense in the Heights, there will be a swift and deviating response/consequence! It showed that no matter how you run and where you hide enough resources will be applied and you will be found. The mindless will prattle that the crime didn’t warrent such a response. But make NO mistake, it’s exactly this kind of police response which PREVENTS the classic hey, there was a soft response to that major Burg last week, maybe I can get away with a bigger payday with a holdup or a nice home invasion….So THANK GOD for the action of the 84th uniformed and detective div and…the Aviation unit who sent a unmistakable message to the bad guys…. Do even THINK the Heights or even anything beyond Court Street as fair game for your garbage!!!

  • Elaine Rendon

    Power tools aren’t exactly cheap

    I won’t lie and say I also didn’t think it was a lot commotion for a construction site break in but the person below is right, if anything, the response sent sent a major message

  • Andrew Porter

    From an article on DNA about construction site thefts in general: “a slew of power tools was taken…including a screw gun, a laser gun, a demolition hammer, a saw, two grinders and two jackhammers — totaling $7,514, police said.”

    NOT from this site, but this shows how much such items are worth.

  • Jorale-man

    I’m sure they’re not cheap. But then again, there are numerous break-ins every day in this city and I doubt they call in the helicopters.

    It sounds from Maria’s response above that this had been something bigger. But until the facts are revealed, it’s all speculation anyway.

  • David on Middagh

    From the North Heights, nighttime background chopper noise has been fairly continuous of late (excepting the Labor Day weekend). I’ve wondered: Film shoots? Terrorist threats? Back-up at the heliport from a string of red-eyed billionaires?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton
  • Brixtony

    Jeff’s back. A sure sign that Halloween is nigh..