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  • ykwthi

    that’s actually funny, but the fast mounting amount of non ionizing radiation, RF, magnetic fields, (current carrying) electrostatics etc. with their wide range of seriously bionegative and psychoactive effects make no mistake IS a major health concern in this country. Hey, guys, were near or at a 50% cancer rate…I suggest everyone pay attention to what energetic products are being pumped into your family’s homes,,,,

  • Reggie

    Jeff’s a man who leads a life of danger. To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger. With every move he makes, another chance he takes. Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow.

  • Arch Stanton

    Wow! Looks like I’m spot on.

  • Arch Stanton

    Only if you consider distributing Alt-Right newspapers and Neo-Nazi propaganda being a “journalist”.

  • You know who this is…..

    Well, two little incidents, one of the Bilderberg meetings at Port Chester, Arrow wood, when I was asked to leave, one security guy had an M-16 aimed at my head, At the first Bilderberg held at Chantilly, the cops grabbed a woman reporter in front of all the media slammed her to the ground and hog-tied her. This is fully on Youtube.

    So your snide remarks aside, there ARE news outlets which are not advocacy journals who DO print truth and that is not without serious dangers.

    But this forum should be limited to BH related subjects…

  • ML

    I could be alone in this– but is anyone feeling the need for a better grocer in the neighborhood? Perelandra is great however niche, and the Key Foods on Montague not bad. But the Gristedes on Henry is absurdly over priced and more often than not, I find the produce to be near rotten, bread stale and sometimes with mold, etc. Unless you’re in the southern end of the neighborhood (near Atlantic) there is hardly a decent place to shop, let alone grab a few last minute ingredients.

  • Hayden Thompson

    Do you know that there once was TWO Daniel Reeves markets in the Heights. One on Montague St and a smaller, pocket size DR on Clinton St near St Charles. You could select from like 10 brands of world class’s marmalades, 8 or 9 brands of teas, local baked brands of pastry and the people on both sides of the counter were actually civilized humans.

  • DIBS
  • Reggie

    If the goal is only to make the open space live up to its name, the cost of that could be covered by participatory budgeting, which I think is just beginning to ramp up again. (I recently got an email from Councilman Levin that I admit to not reading.)

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks! I’ll check to see what’s up with Participatory Budgeting and perhaps do a post.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Willow Street, Willow Place, but Willow Terrace? Wherezat? Or is that an esoteric Harry Potter (platform 9 3/4) reference?

  • Andrew Porter

    Your sanity has been discussed many times before, and…

  • Brandon Snark

    I’ve heard somewhere that they’re comfortable waiting even years for the right tenant, because the amount you make by signing a big chain is so much over and above what you’d get from a local business over the life of the contract.

    I’ve also heard that they’re making a little money from Lassen and Hennigs, who’s paying them to use the space for storage.

    So I guess, a modest income and the possibility for a big payout is enough for them to just keep the place vacant.

  • Reggie

    According to a September 24, 1973 story in the New York Times (p. 37, New York Edition), the Pierrepont Hotel, where Man’s Country was located, was owned by a partnership in which Robert and Bernard Sillens were the principals. The NYT article and other sources (“Built to Last: 100+ Year-Old Hotels in New York,” self-published by Stanley Turkel) indicate that the Sillens owned several hotels in Manhattan and had minority interests in others. In the case of the Pierrepont, the Sillens leased the hotel to “Abraham Butnick, who, with a brother, also owns and operates the Towers, another Brooklyn Heights hotel.” According to the Times, “The Sillenses said they had remonstrated with Mr. Butnick on several occasions about conditions at the Pierrepont, with little success.” I could not find any reference to ownership of 55 Pierrepont Street by the Catholic Church at the time when Man’s Country was in operation.

  • Diesel

    It was Peter Reeves market. WooF!

  • Claude Scales

    The post is clearly horror fiction, so the author has created a fictional street. I also thought the Harry Potter reference was obvious.

  • William Gilbert

    Is there any proof that the Church owned the building? Is this just hearsay? Are you just repeating something that will prove your own prejudices? Please, try to strive for accuracy, it’s not hard.

  • William Gilbert

    The Key Food on Montague no longer participates in most of the sales that the other Key Food stores have. Montague St. Key Food now produces their very own sales brochure, which has far less on sale that than other Key Foods in the area, such as the one on Atlantic and Clinton and the Henry Street Key Food in Cobble Hill. In addition, many of the cheaper generic “Key Food” brand products have disappeared from the Montague Street store only to be replaced by higher priced items. Guess they are catering to the changing demographics moving into the neighborhood. Just take a walk to the Atlantic Key Food and look at how many items are on sale compared to the Montague Street store. I guess it costs a lot to maintain the creepy “Gregory” dummy!

  • Jorale-man

    It puts into perspective the recent troubles with Brooklyn Bridge Park (which, it seems, has been rather quiet lately).

  • AEB

    Because sex clubs–and particularly those devoted to gay men–are inherently disgusting, right Jeffrey?

    It’s amazing how down-the-line, check-every-box your authoritarian bigotry is. It’s like reading a DSM entry.

  • ynwthi

    ANY wide open sex cub operating in a residential neighborhood, complete with children passing daily, IS indeed disgusting. This is especially so in a neighborhood of this quality. A national historic district. If you are so divorced from reality that you would consider it otherwise in indeed revealing. Its authoritarian to feel that our children should not be exposed to what indeed occurred there? Really?

  • ykwthi

    I would suggest you do a background on the above individuals. But even if you don’t feel you have to make yourself familiar with even the most basic backgrounds and ONLY want to consider the totally visible effects of these “gentleman’s” “management” of this and other properties which WE had to live with on a daily basis, this was a horror. The crime, prostitutes, the ugly and indeed dangerous types we had to live with on a day-in and day out basis.

    I never said that the arch dioces owned the building. But it IS true that in many Catholic circles, there was a very serious debate as to whether the church should be in contact with, let alone in negotiations with any of these individuals. What was good about all this indeed disgusting and alarming conditions was that what happened during this era led to federal confiscation of crime controlled or involved properties laws and policies. This has resulted in many properties taken out of the hands of criminal and/or irresponsible owners and used for public good, like drug enforcement.

    Yes, I know, from the distance of years certain people blithely say in their vapid and dishonest level of thinking that anyone who considered these outrageous conditions is some kind of bigot or terrible person.
    In circles like assembled here I’m sure that’s readily accepted thinking…..

  • ykwthi

    Again, I never said the Church owned the property. But these was very serious discomfort over whether the Church should in conversation let alone being in a financial arrangement with these individuals. Many Heights Catholics and many others were frankly at the time outraged that the wonderful archdiocese was engaging in such activity. And they were correct in feeling so.
    I only ask, I’m sure in vain, that you be accurate in quoting me.. ,

  • You Know Who This Is…..

    You know folks, you really have to take a LOT of what appears here (with the exception of what I write) as being, well,”non-serious” in nature. Unless YOU want to end up a DSM classification.

    So, please, take what a lot of what these posters say to me with a huge grain of salt……

  • Reggie

    You wrote, “Or the morality of CC in leasing the building?” To lease the building, the Catholic Church would have had to own it.

  • Hayden Thompson

    And panda’s graphic comment, is much better. (is Judge Judy is a relative? Hmmm…)