Eagle: Yes Lots of Planes Flew Over Heights Friday

The Brooklyn Eagle follows up on an issue raised by BHB last week – the increase in jumbo jets flying over Brooklyn Heights, but of course it ends up being a story about the poor widdle people in Park Slope*:

Brooklyn Eagle: It turns out that numerous commercial flights bound for JFK were indeed “hugging” the Promenade. Software called Airport Monitor (powered by Passur.com), which provides detailed records of every commercial airliner in the Tri-State area, revealed, for example, that 24 airliners flew directly over the Brooklyn Heights Promenade last Friday, April 3, in the single hour between 5 and 6 p.m.

And so, for a few days last week, Brooklyn Heights residents experienced what has been driving Park Slope denizens crazy for the last two years.

(* It’s always Park Slope! Park Slope! Park Slope!)

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  • JT

    Actually, I live right under the flight path in Park Slope and it is never as bad as it was last week over the Promenade.