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  • cool

    I liked when they filmed Boardwalk Empire. Great to see era costumes walking amongst the ‘era’ homes. Also got a chuckle out of seeing Fiscati and Fortune House in an episode of Americans. Supposed to be set in the 80s – they didn’t have to change a thing!

  • Banet

    Great news on the Principal.

    Here’s hoping they add a 6th class. Not only would it handle the 15 or so they’re oversubscribed but it would likely almost clear out about half the waitlist.

    (I figure if they’re 15 kids over the 125 that means they have 140 out of 165 whore attending — or ~85%. Apply that 85% to the 22 on the waitlist and you have about 18 or 19 of the 22 who want to attend. Hopefully more than that have landed elsewhere. Personally, I know of 2 kids from the waitlist in my kid’s pre-school class who went to a private school so right there the list is reduced.)

  • Born in Bklyn Hgts

    Positive – and comforting to know that they are there!

  • Banet

    I have no problem with it. The biggest complaint is the curbside parking they occupy. But that curbside parking belongs to the whole city, not the small minority of neighborhood residents who own a car and don’t pay to garage it privately,

    I don’t care about celebrity sightings, but I get far more pleasure from seeing their business in action and seeing my neighborhood on TV and in the movies than by watching someone parallel park.

  • Banet

    Good to know. If you have the patience for it I’d love to hear more. Maybe try posting it one more time? As a reply to this comment?

  • SongBirdNYC

    Public Svc Announcement: If you know of parents (whether they are wait listed or were offered a seat) who are sending their children elsewhere, please encourage those families to notify the PS/MS8 Parent Coordinator, Eileen Carrier asap if they have not done so already. It goes a long way in helping to administer the list and saves a lot of phone calls. Typically the wait list does not move until the end of August.

    As an aside, I am not optimistic this year, that any children will be offered a seat from the wait list. But this is based on my gut, not any specific recent info from the school or the DOE. But remember that Eileen did set these expectations back in April or May with a communications to parents. No official word yet, on whether the DOE is adding the 6th class.

    As Ms. Peterson ramps up into the job there will be more clarity. One of the first prioriies though will be for her to begin her search for Assistant Principals. I know it is hard, please try to be patient and know the school will communicate as soon as it possibly can.

    As a parent who helped advocate for wait listed families two years ago and now a member of the SLT I can tell you that this issue will not get swept under the rug. ;)

  • MaggieO

    it ebbs and flows. my understanding is that they do put temporary moratoriums on filming in specific neighborhoods that seem to have more than their fair share. So it may be that we were in a moratorium period that has now ended. It gets like this on the LES too so no, we’re not the only neighborhood.

  • Teresa

    I’ve had to go there twice, and it was excellent both times. Pretty much zero waiting, kind, patient, and capable medical staff. Very glad it’s there, though I recognize it doesn’t provide the services of a full ER.

  • Teresa

    Get ready for more noise from South St. Seaport:

    “…a one-and-a-half-acre performance and public space on the roof is under construction, set to open next summer. Designed for such events as fashion shows, movie screenings, concerts, tennis matches, art installations, the site will accommodate up to 4,000 people.”

  • rss

    Does’t bother me, but I don’t have a car. I imagine it would be a huge hassle for those that do. I’ve never had a rude run in with a crew member; and I’ve enjoyed watching them film, (and spotting a celeb or two). I also like to go to movies or watch TV and see my nabe in the spotlight.

  • Banet

    Any way we can shut this down in advance by making noise to Levin and Squadron now??

  • Banet

    If anyone sees this guy do this again, don’t call him out on it. Instead, ask him for his contact info to walk your dog and then post it here so we can all know who to avoid and hopefully some of his clients will see it and drop him.

  • Born in Bklyn Hgts

    As is the case with many of
    you, I was devastated with the closing of Long Island College Hospital
    (LICH). The lack of a quality hospital frightened me – especially as I
    move further into my senior years.
    I knew that NYU Langone was
    operating an Emergency Room in the old LICH building but I wondered if
    they would be equipped to handle such traumatic events as stroke or
    heart attacks. My original perception of NYU Langone’s facility was
    that it was not much more than a glorified ‘walk-in.’
    The stories
    I had heard from Brooklyn Hospital were not encouraging. Both Lutheran
    and Methodist are good hospitals but, even in an ambulance, the trip to
    either would be too long with much precious time lost.
    month I was fortunate to have a tour of the ER facilities on the NYU
    Langone ER on Amity and Hicks Street. [Let me assure you that I have no
    relationship with NYU other than as a patient and that this is my
    unbiased opinion.] I walked away impressed and comforted. This is a
    first-class, full-fledged emergency room. As such, no patient can be
    turned away for emergency care.
    Should a patient require
    attention that goes beyond ER care, NYU has ambulances at the site to
    transport the patient to Lutheran Hospital (now part of NYU) or NYU
    Langone in Manhattan or to the hospital of the patient’s choice and/or
    the best location for the treatment necessary.
    The first thing I
    noticed upon entering was the cleanliness and the emptiness of the
    waiting room. [Anyone who had been to the LICH ER in its final days
    will appreciate this.]
    NYU’s goal is to have patients out of the waiting room and into the treatment room within 10 minutes!
    The treatment room was also spotless and the staff was busy but organized.

    The facility is staffed 24/7 with board-certified emergency medicine
    physicians as well as nurses with emergency training. There is a 24/7
    radiology suite with low-dose CAT scan, x-ray and ultrasound. There is
    also an on-site lab and pharmacy with oral and intravenous medications
    for serious illnesses…as well as emergency blood transfusion
    capabilities. Full time respiratory therapists are available on-site.

    Clot busting medication is available for stroke patients if needed.
    There is a telecommunications facility allowing for direct access with
    NYU specialists as needed.
    NYU Langone expressed their desire
    to become an integral part of the neighborhood. They will have a
    presence at the Atlantic Antic and will run a Health Fair of their own
    in October.
    They are working towards creating a Cobble Hill
    campus which will encompass a new ER, outpatient lab and radiology
    center, and offices for primary care and specialist physician offices
    and an ambulatory surgery center.
    Following my visit, I have much
    less anxiety about my (emergency) health care. I wanted to share this
    information with my neighbors.

  • Eddyde
  • middaghmatron

    Lung’s! I’ve been going for a year and they’re always great, never lost or ruined anything. Cash only, but oh well.

  • B.

    Well, Levin and Squadron didn’t shut down the money-making condo-atop-mini-libarary behind you; why would they shut down a money maker in front of you? Just because it’s not in their district? They’re all in cahoots.

    These guys are in the mold of Mr. de Blasio: Talk a good library, talk a good LICH, then give over everything to developers.

  • Reggie

    Wow, that is something of a record for ignorance. The library isn’t in Squadron’s district but the South Street Seaport is. In fact, Squadron’s office has successfully worked on noise complaints from the Seaport and I expect his staff to be effective in the future. The, all elected officials are corrupt line of thinking is why we have Trump as president. Throw the bums out! Elect a sociopath!

  • Andrew Porter

    Does anyone remember the late, lamented Coup de Glaçe? There were two stores, one on Atlantic, the other on Henry where the entrance to the St. George Residences is now. The owner, I believe, was murdered in a robbery gone bad therey.

    For a trip down Memory Lane, see this post about the Good Old Days, with lots of posts by Claude, 10 years ago:

  • Andrew Porter

    I think most of the cleaners around here also do hemming. Hawing, though, is extra.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s an article in Brownstoner about the Spielberg/Hanks/Streep movie here:

    There’s also filming for “Blue Bloods” taking place. Just so happy that I don’t have a car here.

  • Andrew Porter

    When the courthouse on Monroe and Pierrepont was a set for “Boardwalk Empire.” Wish we could have kept the subway entrance!

  • Andrew Porter

    Then there’s the SuperTall building going up just south of the Seaport. You can see the crane reflected in the green glass building next door.

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow, great shots. I was already living here then. I’m guess I’m now a card-carrying member of the Geezerati…

  • rss

    I think most dog owners ( I am one) are pretty diligent about picking up after their pals. But I’ve also witnessed guys walking packs of dogs that don’t bother to do so.

  • DIBS

    Yes, Lung’s.

  • Sandy McCroskey


  • Brandon Snark

    I think you can be firm without being rude. I see them all the time on Montague St, and when they start talking to me I simply smile and say, “No thanks” and never break stride. I’ve never had an issue with that approach over hundreds of interactions.

  • Claude Scales

    I have a friend who needs to find a caregiver and tried to contact you at the address above but her e-mail bounced. Please contact me at and I will give you her e-mail address.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I just corrected the typo in my email — removed the s after dwellers. My apologies!

  • Claude Scales