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  • Born in Bklyn Hgts


    As is the case with many of you, I was devastated with the closing of Long Island College Hospital (LICH). The lack of a quality hospital frightened me – especially as I move further into my senior years.

    I knew that NYU Langone was operating an Emergency Room in the old LICH building but I wondered if they would be equipped to handle such traumatic events as stroke or heart attacks. My original perception of NYU Langone’s facility was that it was not much more than a glorified ‘walk-in.’

    The stories I had heard from Brooklyn Hospital were not encouraging. Both Lutheran and Methodist are good hospitals but, even in an ambulance, the trip to either would be too long with much precious time lost.

    Last month I was fortunate to have a tour of the ER facilities on the NYU Langone ER on Amity and Hicks Street. [Let me assure you that I have no relationship with NYU other than as a patient and that this is my unbiased opinion.] I walked away impressed and comforted. This is a first-class, full-fledged emergency room. As such, no patient can be turned away for emergency care.

    Should a patient require attention that goes beyond ER care, NYU has ambulances at the site to transport the patient to Lutheran Hospital (now part of NYU) or NYU Langone in Manhattan or to the hospital of the patient’s choice and/or the best location for the treatment necessary.

    The first thing I noticed upon entering was the cleanliness and the emptiness of the waiting room. [Anyone who had been to the LICH ER in its final days will appreciate this.]

    NYU’s goal is to have patients out of the waiting room and into the treatment room within 10 minutes!

    The treatment room was also spotless and the staff was busy but organized.

    The facility is staffed 24/7 with board-certified emergency medicine physicians as well as nurses with emergency training. There is a 24/7 radiology suite with low-dose CAT scan, x-ray and ultrasound. There is also an on-site lab and pharmacy with oral and intravenous medications for serious illnesses…as well as emergency blood transfusion capabilities. Full time respiratory therapists are available on-site.

    Clot busting medication is available for stroke patients if needed. There is a telecommunications facility allowing for direct access with NYU specialists as needed.

    NYU Langone expressed their desire to become an integral part of the neighborhood. They will have a presence at the Atlantic Antic and will run a Health Fair of their own in October.

    They are working towards creating a Cobble Hill campus which will encompass a new ER, outpatient lab and radiology center, and offices for primary care and specialist physician offices and an ambulatory surgery center.

    Following my visit, I have much less anxiety about my (emergency) health care. I wanted to share this information with my neighbors.

  • BananaTuesday

    The number of canvassers on Montague has gotten out of control the last month.

  • gc

    Henry St north of Clark is no bargain either.

  • William Gilbert

    There are just too, too many of them and, while one doesn’t want to be rude, there is no choice sometimes but to give them a brusque “no” and walk on. The causes might be worthy, but it is simply too much. Even if one is inclined to give it is best to do so from home. Why would one give vital credit card information to someone standing on the street?

  • Elaine Rendon

    Yesterday I was walking down montague (on the block where custom house is) and crossed over to the happy days block to avoid the planned parenthood people. Surely enough, I cross over and walked towards Starbucks and bam! More planned parenthood people.

    I have nothing against donating to causes but last time I donated with Amnesty international, they pretty much gave my info to every charity out there. I guess I should have known better but yeah now I receive mounds of donation stuff from charities..every day . So if you guys ever want to donate…I suggest a HANDS ON apparoach..if not..get ready for lots of unwanted mail

  • Annoyed

    I’d take canvassers over the “neighbors” who leave dog poop all over the place. Someone left a messy one on Cranberry near Hicks today. Shame on the dog owner who left it there. You still have a chance to go redeem yourself.

  • Banet

    Just thought I would mention that there’s a new ice cream place in the neighborhood. And I don’t think anyone has mentioned it.

    On Court Street across from the movie theater there is a lovely little corner spot called Humdinger’s. I’ve only had one cone from there and while I found the flavor a little understated, they’re trying. Go give it a taste and see what you think.

  • BananaTuesday

    I’m almost embarrassed that I loathe the daily ‘I don’t have time’, but it’s so repetitive, as the same orgs cycle through time & again.

    But I do respect the hell out of their work & effort.

  • gc

    Anywhere in the neighborhood to drop off dead batteries? CVS used to take them, but no more.

  • regularmike

    I have always brought mine to Duane Reade. Sometimes the employees don’t know what I’m talking about, but they do have a program and usually someone comes over and finds a box behind the counter.

  • Eliz

    Any recs for a good laundry drop on in North Heights – Golden Hanger is getting a little $$

  • Andrew Porter

    Another Wednesday, another old postcard showing our history. Here’s another postcard showing the Hotel Margaret in its glory days. What a shame it burned down; it would have made a glorious apartment building:

  • Lil’ Help

    Anybody know of a place in the neighborhood where I can get good, relatively cheap curtain alterations? Need to get them hemmed.

  • Reggie

    Alkaline batteries no longer contain mercury and can be disposed of in the garbage. See:

  • William

    The ladies who work at Cook’s companion told me that ice cream shop is a pop-up shop for the summer, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to be around.

  • William

    The New York Times recommends Hunts Lane and Grace Court Alley for “classic New York scene” wedding photos:

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Caregiver Recommendation

    A few months ago, when I was home recovering from surgery Sharon took excellent care of me. She provided personal services e.g. assisting me with bathing, dressing, preparing meals and light housekeeping. She was a sunny companion who was in good spirits and nice to be around. If you would like more information please contact me at

  • Banet

    Yep. Owner told me the same but he also said he hoped to find a way to stay open year-round.

  • Jorale-man

    There was one on Joralemon & Clinton this afternoon. I too try not to be rude, and many of these causes I support, but it isn’t very convenient. Plus, I can’t imagine it brings in that much money. Wouldn’t their efforts be better spent on online campaigns, for instance?

  • Born in Bklyn Hgts

    I have been trying to post about an experience at NYU Langone ER. My post goes out on the blog and then disappears. I have sent in emails asking why this is happening and I have gotten no response. Why does my post disappear? Anyone?

  • Banet

    In a word, was it positive or negative?

  • Banet

    Any update on the kindergarten at PS8?

    Have any of the 22 on the waitlist gotten in?

    If not, they accepted 165 kids for the 125 slots. Any word as to how over-subscribed they expect the kindergarten to be?

  • Arch Stanton

    I just shoot em the “don’t you dare stare”.

  • Arch Stanton

    I’ve seen, the dog walker, bald guy, that walks the large packs of dogs, not always pick up… I pointed it out to him once, he kind of rudely said he didn’t see it (which was BS as he looked at and waited for the dog), then begrudgingly picked it up.

  • Heightsman

    Ask them if they speak French or German in that language. Shuts em down.

  • Tony Lacitignola

    Is anyone even remotely upset by the movie community taking over the neighborhood – last week we lost 3 blocks of parking for a commercial, then we lost 7 blocks for a TV show called Last OG (on the same day there were 4 blocks completely taken with construction), yesterday 11 blocks were taken by a movie called Noreaster – they even blocked traffic which made transit a total nightmare. Tomorrow they are taking 5 blocks for a HULU project and Friday there are another 5 blocks taken for Blue Bloods. Are we the only neighborhood that’s photogenic? This is an abuse that is out of hand and the City could care less. I called and they never returned the call. It’s ridiculous that we are expected to vacate our own neighborhood and then deal with the obnoxious production people who view us condescendingly as if we are here for their convenience.

  • Eddyde

    Welcome to the “club”. This has been an ongoing nightmare ever since the city started handing out, basically free, film permits. There is control, no discretion and no consideration of the people impacted by these film productions. The big lie is the productions bring in hundreds millions in revenue and create thousands of jobs. Most of the production companies are not from NYC nor are most of the production crews. All the permits are handed out directly from the mayors office, so its a waste of time complaining there, you wont get any help. That 6′ 5″ stack of bullshit could care less about the people who actually live here.

  • Waiting

    Nobody from waitlist in yet (I am a parent of one of the waitlisted kids). As of last check they are still ~15+ oversubscribed. There has been some discussion of the possibility of adding a 6th kindergarten class to address the over-subscription + the waitlist, but that has not happened yet and consideration may have been on hold for the appointment of the new principal, which happened today (Patricia Peterson got the job in the end). With the new principal appointment, maybe a decision is made now for the 6th class but I am not holding my breath (though I’d be delighted).

  • Remsen St Strollin

    I think it is great both in interior design and in the taste of the ice cream. If your flavor was understated, you definitely didn’t order the bubble gum flavor ice cream. There was nothing understated about that. ;-)

  • Elaine Rendon

    Nor’ Easter is apparently a cover name for a movie starring Tom Hanks…also where did you see signs for blue bloods? I saw some people walking with a script going down cranberry st.

    I personally don’t have a problem with the filming. I just can’t deal with rude crew people. that and people who have impromptu “photoshoots” or “filming” but no permit or notice paper