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  • CHatter

    Composting bins are here! Very exciting.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Anyone missing a cat? Met this cuddly butterball in the Plymouth Church courtyard this morning. Very friendly, no collar, smelled a bit of cigarette smoke (and who could blame it?), which made me think it usually lives indoors.

  • Banet

    What a gorgeous Main Coon!

  • AEB

    Ah, now one can do even more garbage triage in one’s apartment. Can’t wait to have to separate sweet from savory foods, yellow from red, lovable from not….

  • Banet

    By the way, it looks like maybe, just *maybe* the Bossert is getting relatively close to opening. I noticed they’ve taken the protection up from the lobby floor and that the Montague Street BID’s annual meeting is including a preview of the Bossert Ballroom.

    (And as long as we’re on the subject, back in late August or early September they claimed they were opening by October 1st. Some on this board claimed it was quite possible to make that deadline. I claimed that they had far too much to do and all the evidence surrounding their activity suggested they had many months to go. Well, October 1st was 7.5 months ago. And they’re still not open.)

  • CHatter

    I admire your enthusiasm. Your local tree bed will thank you.

  • Peter C

    Has anyone else had experience with a unruly and unpleasant man on Montague St specifically outside the laundromat between Friend of a Farmer and Teresa’s? The other night my wife and I were enjoying dinner within the sidewalk seating of FOAF when we were approached by an older man, who appeared to be intoxicated but might have been just very socially awkward. He droned on and on about a disgruntled super who placed a pipe bomb in the basement of one of the rental buildings nearby.

    After attempting to politely tell him off, he persisted. Eventually our waiter convinced him to harass the people dining at Teresa’s and he obliged. My wife and I kept our eyes on him as he continued to bother the patrons at Teresa’s while apparently waiting for his laundry to complete its cycle.

    Compared to many on this blog, we are newbies, heights residents for just under 5 years. Our experiences have mostly been remarkably pleasant and delightful living in the neighborhood so this instance certainly stuck out. Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows what the deal is with that guy? (i think he had a police scanner that was constantly clacking while he was attempting to explain the definitions of obscure vocabulary words)

  • Terry L

    I think we all know exactly who you are talking about. This is the latest chapter in a long story.

  • AEB

    I expect nothing less!

  • vspingola

    I miss Homer. That’s all.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Actually, not everyone knows exactly who you are talking about. I’ve been in the neighborhood for a while and have no idea who you are talking about. Care to elaborate?

  • Frown of Passion

    Was he wearing a black leather jacket with an FDNY shirt? I think I’ve seen and heard this guy ranting outside the Clark St. station many nights.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    A few possibilities of who you’re talking about spring to mind:

    One is a stockier guy, maybe in his late 50s, who walks around talking to himself and sometimes stops to scream offensive slogans at people. I think that guy is who “Frown of Passion” is referring to. He appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic; I’m not sure if he lives around here but I posted about him once after I saw him and was concerned that he wasn’t receiving the care he needed. People seemed to agree he was harmless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use Teresa’s laundromat.

    More likely it’s the person I think “Terry L” might be referring to (“ColumbiaHeightster”, take note!). Taller guy, white hair, maybe in his 50s, recently seen using a walker; friends with “WSW”. He used to sometimes haunt the Pineapple Walk entrance of Peas & Pickles muttering and occasionally spitting insane epithets at people coming and going. I have seen him using Teresa’s laundromat. I suspect he’s another in a long line of people not regularly getting the help they need.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Haha, I frequent all of the places you are talking about and am seriously drawing a blank! Of course, now I’ll be sure to see this person at every turn.

  • Peter C

    Hey Everyone, thanks for your replies. However frustrating it may sound, the guy was very normal looking. Nothing stuck out about his appearance that may help us identify exactly who it is. I was hoping his behavior and area of disturbance might help us narrow down but it seems there are at least 2 familiar characters that might fit the description.

    The only additional descriptor i can offer is that he wore glasses and his hair was salt-and-pepper. Mid to late 50s sounds about right. At some point during this episode the owner of either the laundromat or Teresa’s threatened to call the cops to which he said something along the lines of ‘go ahead call the cops, these people are my friends’ (they were clearly not his friends)

  • Frown of Passion

    Hmm, I think the latter description is “my guy.” I saw him push an empty wheelchair “spitting insane epithets at people coming and going” from the Clark St. station. Does Terry L’s guy have a deep voice? I would not speculate on the mental health of someone in a public forum, but his relationship with WSW is revealing.

  • Roberto

    Did anyone go to the Stand Up Brooklyn event at St. Francis College on May 8th?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Fair. Perhaps we can agree that in either case mental health is probably an issue, among others or not.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    FYI, Teresa owns the eponymous restaurant, the laundromat, and the adjacent wine shop.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    His name is Louis Miller. His mother lived near monroe place and had a restraining order against him.

  • Robert Thompson

    Louis Miller from the mid seventies to the early 1980’s was a part of two civic orgs which rendered major service to this community. He personally placed himself in harm’s way on several occasions with results which benefited all of us. Then several neuro conditions overtook him. Two years ago he was struck and greviouly injured in a taxi accident. Even if you don’t know of Mr Miller’s record in that unfortunate era, people could have some understanding.

  • Awkwardmeow3

    Was anyone else awoken between 1AM and 4AM last night to the sounds of demolition/construction/sawing trees? I live right across from the parking structure for the former LICH, and they were at it all night, I’m very upset and exhausted. And now I must go to work. It looks like they were just getting started too. Sigh.

  • Stag

    Are you talking about lou the electrician? Tall guy hangs around peas and picks ? He is harmless. But could sometimes come across as scary.

  • Claude Scales
  • Claude Scales

    We all do.

  • Jenna Drapkin

    I think that’s Charlie! He lives next door to the church and is just the sweetest.

  • ws gilbert

    Sorry, I don’t consider the prospect of more rats feeding on concentrated food garbage exciting…and the stench. Walks around Park Slope last summer proved that olfactory delight to me.

  • ws gilbert

    If it’s the fellow I’m thinking about, he’s came after me a couple of times a few years ago, but nothing of late. Be wary of him.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Yes, I have since learned that that was Charlie. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing.

  • Heightsman

    Yet another way to spend our tax dollars. Why did they not first ask who wanted the bins before just dropping them off? Seems wasteful to me.